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World of Warplanes Beta Review (2013)

World of Warplanes Review  

  World of Warplanes is the latest game to come to us from developer a company that makes free to play MMO's based around the time and place of the first two World Wars.


  Their previous game World of Tanks had us fighting across the battle fields of history in tanks that began at the beginning of the development cycle in pre WW1 tech and eventually working our way up to tech that peaks at just after the end of WW2.


  World of Warplanes is the second game in a planned unified trilogy, (With World of Warships planned for next year) we now take to the skies as we explore the history and development of aircraft from across the same span of history.


in the skies

I can see my house from here!


  As in their previous outing several different countries will be represented in the game, with the United States, Germany, Japan, and the USSR already confirmed. As this article is based on a beta of the game this list may change or even be expanded upon down the road.


  Movement and control in the game is done either from a mouse and keyboard set up or via a joystick/game pad. I find that there is just a certain feel to dog fighting when you use a joystick in these kinds of games that enhances the experience.


  Combat is done in an area that feels about the same in size as that which we have experienced before in World of Tanks, with several different maps made available to the players.


  Advancement in the game comes from an experience point system that allows you to expand down and along a tech tree that will open up new tiers of planes for you to choose from, while at the same time allowing you to upgrade and customize the planes that you currently have available to you in your hangar.


WoWP Tech Trees


  This is not a role playing game, this is a world at war PVP style of MMO, if you do not like PVP games then this is not the game for you.


  If you are a fan of dog fighting and PVP get ready for 15 vs. 15 aerial combats in a tight map area. Along with the air superiority versus mode there will also be a bomber escort mode. With other modes planned for the future.


U.S.S.R. dogfight with a German


  The system used to make matches is easy to use and intuitive, you will not be sitting in a lobby for hours on end spamming chat trying to find others to play with. The game automatically takes players in a queue and assigns them to random matches so that you can get into the meat of the action fairly quickly.


  Having several years experience playing a wide range of both flight simulators and arcade style simulators I have always loved playing these types of games, however there is just something off in the speed of combat and the controls for your aircraft.


  World of Warplanes is trying to create a bridge between these two styles of play so that they can capture both casual and hard core players. Unfortunately they have yet to balance this hybrid style so it hurts the games fun factor a bit.


German attack run


   Real world tactics in World of Warplanes never come off right as radar spotting and terrain never really allow you to take true advantage over your opponents as you could in a real world scenario.


  Unfortunately one very real tactic from our friends in Japan has worked its way into the game, with many pilots going for the "kamikaze option" when they get low enough on health. Or one of the opposing players convincing one of the weaker pilots to "Take one for the team".


  Yes this is a very real world tactic but you will encounter this about a million times more often than you would had you actually fought in one of the World Wars, humanity has a very keen self preservation instinct that is very hard to overcome in real life, that is absent in an online game. So expect human missiles in combat to be hunting for you on a regular basis.




  Overall the visuals, models and terrain look very nice with careful attention placed on detail, the HUD display is a little lacking with range finding targets a bit of a chore. The flight due to their hybrid design choice will turn off both casual and hard core players, the reverse of the developer's intent.


Radar WoWP

Those triangles look menacing.


  Final Verdict for World of Warplanes 6/10 Detailed models and terrain look very nice but the flying and combat seem a little off. The size of the maps both in area and height seem extremely small for a game based around aerial combat.







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