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The Last of Us Review (2013)

The Last of Us Review (2013)


  It doesn't happen very often anymore, perhaps only a few times in a console generations life cycle do we get a game as memorable and amazing as this.


  The Last of Us shows just what a great development team like Naughty Dog can do with a system by pushing the console to its limits.


  The Last of Us is a game that will draw you into its world and grab you by the heart strings like few games can.


Elle and Joel

Apocalypse road trip! I call shotgun.


  It all begins with the end of the world as we know it. Yes another zombie apocalypse tale, but this time the infected are not created by a variant of the rabies virus but by spores from a fungal source.


Goomba 2.0

Goombah 2.0. I remember when the mushroom kingdom was a happy place...


  The Last of us begins in the present day just as everything we know begins to fall apart at the seams. Our main protagonist at the start of the game is a young girl named Sarah and her father Joel. Yes another game that revolves around an escort mission.


Escort missions

Never say never.


  After a harrowing few minutes of game play we are catapulted forward in time to see how the survivors of the apocalypse, well survive, in a world were supplies are scarce and death awaits both inside and outside of the fortified protective zones.


The Last Of Us Quarantine

I wonder if this explains why Paranormal Activity 5 is not coming out in October this year.


  Life at the end of days is hard and cheap and the morals that hold the modern world together like glue have evolved and changed to match the harsh realities that the survivors of the zombie apocalypse now face.


  The Last of Us really takes you back to the early days of the survivor horror genre. You will need a quick mind along with quick reflexes if you want to make it to the end of this game.


  You will want to take your time and avoid as much combat as you can. Our main protagonist are not super human by any stretch of the imagination.


  In most survivor horror games these days you get used to mowing down tons of enemies. The Last of Us will have you sweating when you encounter groups as small as three, stealth is your friend.


  This is where the puzzle factor comes into play, you have to figure out the best way to cross territory while not wasting a ton of your precious supplies or getting surrounded and torn apart by enemies.


  The zombies are fairly stupid and predictable with a little careful planning you will have little trouble with them most of the time. It is the rest of the human race that is a pain to deal with in the game.


The Last of Us Ambush

The Last of Us has taught me that humanity sucks.


  The Last of Us has a plot that you have seen before and can be riddled with cliches, but it just might tell you a story that you might not expect to hear.


  The strength of the story is with the two main characters Elle and Joel who grow and change over time and you will find yourself worrying about them and caring about their fate.


  Once I entered the "winter season" the game hooked me in a way that I have not been hooked in years. The horror and acting during this section of the game is better than a lot of horror movies that I have seen in the last few years.


  Along the way you will find a lot of other colorful characters or if you pay attention to the little details some sad stories that played out in the past that you learn about from scraps of notes, graffiti on walls, and buildings and rooms staged to tell a story.


  The voice acting in this game is phenomenal some of the best I have heard to date, none of the scenes ever made me feel like one of the voice actors was phoning in their performance.


The window

This start screen has pretty much nothing to do with the game.


 There are a couple of things that do hurt this game. The first being the frustrating control scheme. I found the control layout counter intuitive and often found myself performing actions I never meant to do.


  Is a cordyceps zombie running straight at you? Not an opportune time to switch which hand you are holding your weapon in instead of firing at it!


  The second is the degradation and customizations of weapons; it comes off a bit silly sometimes. I understand it for some of the items but really it should be a lot harder to break an aluminum baseball bat or lead pipe.


 I know this was done to build a sense of urgency and to make you careful with what you do with your supplies but really is a metal shiv going to break after a single use in real life?


  Other than a few minor issues The Last of Us is an incredible game that is more than worth the money. I have not enjoyed playing a game in the horror genre this much since completing Silent Hill 1 and 2.


  Final Verdict for The Last of Us 9.5/10 An amazing game that if you own a PS3 should definitely find a home in your library. What a great way to celebrate the end of a console generation.






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