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SimCity Social Review

SimCity Social Review


  It has been a long time since we have seen a SimCity game released for the SimCity series, recent news of the development of a new SimCity game to be released in 2013 has fans of the genre waiting with bated breath.


  In the mean time EA (Electronic Arts) has released a simplified browser based SimCity Facebook game called SimCity Social. So is it more SimCity or more The Sims Social? Well a little of both.


  If any game has ever cried out to be more of a social game outside of the MMO genre then SimCity, well I can't think of one.


  Developer Monte Cristo tried to take the city simulation genre down the social route with the release of the MMO Cities XL, however their dreams of cashing in on the MMO gold rush failed to materialize and drove the company to shutter its doors.


Developer rides off into the sunset

Who was that masked man?


  SimCity Social is not an MMO in the traditional sense, it is a Facebook game however so if you do not have a lot of friends who play games on Facebook (do to it clogging up their feeds) well...


If you try to play Facebook games and you don't have a lot of friends who play facebook games, You're gonna have a bad time!

Hope you have hit the lottery for a ton of money, if you're trying to play any of these games solo.


  The way that the game is designed to enforce social interaction, is the reliance on linked friends to send you gifts so that you can expand the size of your city or build certain types of critical buildings that act as population caps.


  You can bypass the need to have a million friends who are also playing the game by buying "Diamonds" from the EA SimCity Social store with real world money.


SimCity Social Metropolis 001


  Don't get me wrong this is a free to play game, but if you want to truly enjoy it you will need a small army of friends to help you out or the escalation of money leaving your wallet will become obscene fairly quickly.


  Much like The Sims Social you have several different quests that you can complete to unlock rewards. Most of these quests are designed to be long chains of different events that you need to complete, some of which are timed.


  The quests come from a team of advisors and visitors who will help you to increase the population of your city.


SimCity Social Brady Bunch

Here's the story, of a mayor. Who was busy with building a city of his own.


  The city is laid out on an old school grid with rivers and tress providing obstacles that you will need to overcome to grow the population of your city.


  The terrain for the most part is flat so there is no need to worry about having to flatten it as you have had to do in previous installments of SimCity.


  As this is a simplified version of SimCity you do not need to worry about power lines, water pipes, garbage disposal, or mass transit. You will however need to build police, fire, and medical services for your city.


  Overall this game might help fulfill your city building addiction, at least until SimCity World is released in 2013, but I would suggest that your time and money is better spent picking up a copy of SimCity 3000 or SimCity 4.


  If you do decide to pick up a copy of one of those older games be sure to head over to Simtropolis a fan based site that has been supporting the older games for years.


Final Verdict: SimCity Social 6/10 I can only really recommend this game to fans of Facebook games in general.


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