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Planetside 2 Review (2013)

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  The number of free to play MMO games was oversaturated well before the arrival of Planetside 2, can yet another contender in this crowded market work or could this be yet another nail in the coffin for Sony Online Entertainment?


  Planetside 2 is more of a reboot than a true sequel to the first Planetside game, SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) is trying to draw in the console crowd who already love and play first person shooter games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty.


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  Planetside 2 is a science fiction first person shooter MMO that thankfully kept the three faction concept from the first game.


Vanu Sovereignty

Vanu Sovereignty

   Technology is everything to the Vanu Sovereignty.


New Conglomerate

New Conglomerate

  The New Conglomerate are freedom fighters, who take the idea of freedom to its most extreme, think of them as futuristic anarchist.


Terran Republic

Terran Republic

  The Terran Republic lives and rules by the motto of 16th century Japanese Daimyo Oda Nobunaga, "Rule the empire by force".


  Character generation starts by first selecting one of the three factions named above, you then select to play as either male or female.


  Character customization beyond this is extremely limited at this point as you can only choose from four different head models for each sex. What makes this even worse is that the models are fairly ugly and also exactly the same for each faction, greatly limiting differentiation between characters.


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  The game starts off fairly quickly dropping you into a war zone that will have you fighting other players within a few seconds. This is a very chaotic time and you will find yourself getting pwned a lot as you get a feel for what is going on.


  As of this review there is no tutorial for the game, so you may find that the learning curve for Planetside 2 is fairly steep, not EVE Online steep mind you, but steep nevertheless.


  If you are looking for an intense lore filled storyline... well you will not find it in the game. Planetside 2 focuses strictly on a massive player versus player world, were thousands of players battle against each other for control of three continents.


  There is lore available, just outside the game via websites and YouTube, it would have been interesting if they had built an in game browser and incorporated the lore into the game ala how it was done in The Secret World.


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No news is good news?


  Much like a sandbox MMO or Minecraft for that matter, Planetside 2 really shines when you play with a group of good friends or at least with a good Outfit (Guild). There is no better feeling in the game then taking out the enemy because everyone worked together as a team.


  As a solo experience Planetside 2 leaves a lot to be desired especially if you are playing in pick up groups. The one downside to a free to play game is that since it is free it can be hard to keep out disruptive members of the community.


  Planetside 2 has an interesting assortment of vehicles that you get to use throughout the game, along with watching infantry platoons heading to their next assignment you will see columns of tanks with air support overhead. It really gives the immersive feeling that you have been dropped into a war.


  The environments definitely got more love than the character models, when it comes to the graphics department. I found the character models to be surprisingly poor for a game made in this day and age.


  So how important is the cash shop in Planetside 2? Extremely important if you want to keep your sanity, otherwise the game may grind you down.


  Unfortunately the pricing of upgrades is insanity in itself so I guess you have to choose your poison.


  Like many MMO's this game was rushed out the gate and has a lot of missing elements. The European launch was a disaster and cheating is a rampant problem with players able to use glitches to their advantage.


  In a game that focuses completely on player versus player this can be a game breaking experience.


  In the end Planetside 2 will appeal to the gamer looking for that competitive player versus player experience on a grand scale and this is one of the things that Planetside 2 does very well.


  However for those looking for an immersive world or something to do when your friends or Outfit are not logged into the game, well... there are plenty of other games out there that you could be devoting your time and money to.


  Final Verdict for Planetside 2:   4/10 Unless you are a fan of the first Planetside game or first person shooter's in general, give this one a pass until they put a lot more polish on it.




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