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Lord of the Rings Online: The care and feeding of legendary items & weapons

Lord of the Rings Online legendary guide


  Today we are going to reveal some of the mysteries behind the legendary items and weapons in the Lord of the Rings Online MMO.


How to get your first legendary


  You gain your first legendaries upon completion of the quest chain started in Volume 2, Book 1: The Walls of Moria. This level 50 quest chain can be completed at level 45, but you must have the Mines of Moria expansion to gain access to these powerful weapons and items of old.

  Just about every quest from level 50 onward will reward you with two kinds of experience the first is the experience that your character uses to gain levels, the second is item experience , this type of experience goes to the legendary items that you have slotted in one of your six legendary slots. You can only have six items slotted at a time unless you purchase additional slots from the Turbine store (up to two additional), and only slotted items that have been identified will gain experience points.


Lotro:Slotting legendary items

Amazing what you can find in the attic...

  Item experience is divided between all of your slotted items much like normal experience points for defeating monsters is divided by the number of people in your fellowship. You can disable a slotted weapon or item from gaining experience and a legendary that is waiting for a reforge or is at maximum level will also not gain any experience.


  Some of the other ways that your legendaries can gain experience points is from defeating monsters who are not grey to you along with ixp runes that you can receive from monsters, quests, deeds, and also from deconstructing old legendary weapons and items.


So you have your shiny new legendary... now what?

  First there are currently three grades of legendaries, Third Age, Second Age, and First Age. This is further subdivided by the minimum level to equip for the item or weapon. The weakest legendary items and weapons range from level 50-60 while the most powerful items and weapons currently range from level 61-65. This means that you can find a Third Age legendary that has a minimum level to equip of 65, that is more powerful than your Second age item that had a minimum level of 60 to equip. The higher the minimum level to equip the more points you will receive to spend on legacies, and the better the items base stats on damage and bonuses (but not legacies). Remember minimum level to equip is different from the legendaries actual level.

  Each legendary comes with a set of three random legacies from the major pool that the forge master will identify for you. As your legendary gains levels it will need to be reforged, and will receive one additional new legacy at levels 10, 20, and 30 (from the minor pool, with a small chance of getting one from the major pool). This means that by the time your legendary is level 30 your legendary will have six legacies.


Lotro: Identifying LI

Ah so that's what it does... I was using it as a paper weight!

  Each legacy that your legendary has will range from tier one to tier six, the higher the tier the less points it will take to raise that legacies rank. Speaking of ranks each legacy starts at rank one but as your legendary gains levels it will receive points that can be spent to improve the power of the legendary from rank one to rank nine (excluding the base dps or bonus of the legendary which has a maximum rank of seven).


Legendary Tier System


  At level 40, 50, 60 (and 70 and if you have used a scroll of lesser delving or delving on your legendary) your legendary will receive a random improvement to the tier of one of your legacies. You can also raise the tier of a legacy with the use of scrolls of lesser empowerment (minimum level to equip 50-60) and scrolls of empowerment (minimum level to equip 61-65), remember that tier six is the maximum for an individual legacy. Once again the higher the tier of a legacy the less points it cost to rank up leaving you more points to spend on your other legacies.


Legacies marked with a gold star are from the major pool, while legacies marked with a red star are from the minor pool. When inspecting an item the major legacies will appear to be gold while the minor legacies will appear to be silver.


Settings, Gems, Runes, and Crafted Relics

  Each legendary also comes with four slots for relics, these are settings, gems, runes, and crafted. Crafted relics are their own separate category and can only be made by crafters. Settings, gems, and runes are found in chests, as quest rewards, as barter items from various non player characters, or from deconstructing legendaries. Relics come in six tiers much like legacies do but can only be improved by combining non slotted relics at the relic master (any combination of settings, gems, or runes).


Slotting settings, gems, and runes


5 Tier 1 relics makes a single tier 2 relic
4 Tier 2 relics makes a single tier 3 relic
4 Tier 3 relics makes a single tier 4 relic
3 Tier 4 relics makes a single tier 5 relic
3 Tier 5 relics makes a single tier 6 relic


  The math for relics is not to bad and has greatly improved with the recent update.


  So why slot more than two legendaries at a time? First you might have multiple roles that you will need to fill with your character, requiring different situational needs. Will you be tanking or concentrating on dps? Will you be healing a group or focusing on solo dps? Having multiple legendaries to fit different situations will make your life easier in the long run.


Lotro different weapons for different occasions


  The second reason to equip and level multiple legendaries is that when you deconstruct them , you can get back relics, ixp runes, shards, legendary shards, and fragments depending on what level you deconstruct them at, and what the minimum level to equip the legendary was.


  You will typically get back a single tier 1 relic if you deconstruct an item without leveling or slotting it. The higher the level the better your chance of getting back multiple relics of tier 1-4. The best levels to deconstruct at our 2, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, or the legendaries current maximum level.


  If you level a legendary to at least level 30 before deconstruction, you will be able to choose one of the legacies on it to put on another item. This is done via a scroll you receive upon selection. Note that you will only get the legacy at tier 1-2 and not at the level it was on the item you took it off of.


When using these legacy scrolls there are a few rules to keep in mind. First you can only put legacies on a similar item, weapon to weapon or class item to class item. Second it will replace one of the legacies you already have on the new item. Third you cannot replace a minor legacy with a major legacy.


  I will typically raise a legendary with a minimum level to equip of 50-60, to level 21. This will most often net me quite a few tier 1-3 relics with the chance of some tier 4 relics along with an ixp rune and possibly a legendary shard (used by crafters), or a scroll of lesser renewal.


Deconstructing legendary weapons


  If the legendary has a minimum level to equip of 61-65, I will raise it to level 51, as you will most often get back quite a few tier 1-4 relics along with 5-6 legendary fragments (a very rare crafter item), an item experience rune, a legacy of your choice off of the item, and possibly the chance of a scroll of renewal.


  When you reforge a legendary you will notice that it gives you several options, as stated before you will get a new legacy (from the minor pool with a very low chance at one from the major pool) at 10, 20, and 30 and a new higher tier on a random legacy at 40, 50, 60, and 70 (if you have raised the legendaries maximum level with a scroll of lesser delving or scroll of delving).


  When you reforge you will notice that two random legacies pop up, you have to choose which one of the two will be added to your weapon or item or at higher level which one of the two will receive a raise to its tier. Also at reforge time you will have the chance to redistribute the points that your legendary has. You no longer have the ability to unslot relics so be careful! The only way to unslot relics now is with the purchase of a scoll from the Turbine store.


Reforging legendaries


  So you have leveled up your legendary and it has quite a few nice legacies, but there are just one or two legacies that you never seem to use. It's okay because you can also find or barter for scrolls that will replace a legacy with a new legacy that will give you a bonus to one of your characters stats (might, agility, vitality, will, or fate) or replace a poor legacy with a legacy you gained from another item.


Barter npc in Lotro


Damage types


  You will notice when people are looking for a fellowship, that sometimes they will ask that you bring a weapon that does not do common damage. But wait you tell me, every legendary I get has common damage! Not to worry as you can find many different scrolls throughout Middle Earth that will change the damage type that your legendary does. These scrolls have many different names and can be found as quest rewards or bartered from various non player characters. There are also scrolls that give additional bonuses to your legendary items too.


Renaming your items


  At reforge time you can rename your legendary! This is the time to personalize your legendary, after all Bilbo carried Sting, not just some boring old short sword. Renaming a legendary can also be a very useful tool, helping you keep track of your various legendaries so that you do not deconstruct a favored one by accident!


Relic Melding and Refining


  The relic master now has a crafting service known as "Melding" that is set apart from the normal crafting system within Lord of the Rings Online. You use relics and shards to create new relics, You do not have to buy or find recipes, just visit the relic master to see what is available. Plan ahead as you might not want to auto combine relics to make higher tier ones as some of those old relics might be part of a recipe for a relic that you desire.


crafting relics

They tried to make me craft and I said no, no, no... Wait I said yes I'm so weak.


  Refining relics destroys the relic to give you back shards, ixp runes, and sometimes lower level relics. These are used in recipes or as barter items at the relic master for various scrolls that you can use on your legendary item and weapons.


Refining Relics


  So what legacies are out there in the world? Glad you asked, here they are arranged by class and the pool and subclass they belong to. This list is missing a few of the new legacies but can give you a general idea of what you might come across




Weapon Major Pool
Burglar skill bleed damage multiplier
Small snag cooldown
Feint attack cooldown
Position surprise strike from stealth
Surprise strike critical rating
cunning attack bleed stack chance
critical response skill damage
Subtle stab critical multiplier


Weapon Minor Pool
Riddle range
Tricks range
Location is everything cooldown
Luck strike cooldown
Well placed strike cooldown
Provoke Threat
Quiet knife devastating critical buff duration
Ready and Able cool down


Item Major Pool
Gamble chance
Skills critical multiplier
Off-hand critical chance
Positional damage
Gambler devastating critical bluff duration
Mischief maker devastating critical buff duration
Addle cooldown
Increased healing from mischievous glee
Tricks duration


Item Minor Pool
Pulse Modifier for glee
Sneak movement speed
Stealth level
Hide in plain sight cool down
Clever retort damage and healing
Increased range for reveal weakness
Confound countdown duration
Addle induction multiplier




Weapon Major Pool
To arms duration
Kick cool down
Telling mark damage
Devastating blow critical rating
Pressing attack critical rating
Melee skill power cost
Maximum targets for pressing attack
Morale from motivating speech


Weapon Minor Pool
Cry power cost
Tactics on guard parry rating buff
Tactics relentless attack critical rating buff
Routing cry damage
Blade of Elendil damage
Cutting attack bleed damage
Defensive strike armor buff
Increased duration of make haste


Item Major Pool
Tactics focus in combat power regen buff
Healing from rallying cry
Rallying cry cooldown
Valiant strike morale return
Healing from strength of will
Vocal skills healing
Melee skills healing
Words of power and morale cost


Item Minor Pool
In defense of Middle Earth duration
Time of need cooldown
Captains escape from darkness cooldown
Muster courage cooldown
Time of need cost
Grave wound cooldown
Shield of Dunedain cooldown
Shadow's lament cooldown




Weapon Major Pool
Feral and savage strikes damage
Brutal strikes damage
Relentless strikes damage
Rend bleed damage
Wild attack damage
Area of effect magnitude


Weapon Minor Pool
Sprint duration
Sudden defense duration
Battle frenzy duration
Sound the attack and horn of Gondor damage
Hamstring Duration
Combat effect delay
Rend armor debuff
Fear nothing cooldown


Item Major Pool
Ardour and glory parry and evade bonus
Ardour and glory pip generation
Ebbing ire cooldown
Swift strike power reduction
Bracing attack heal
Stun duration of horns
Area of effect skills power reduction


Item Minor Pool
Ardour and glory in combat power regen
Adamant and invincible duration
Rising ire cooldown
Heroics heal chance
Rend bleed pulses
Sudden defense parry and evade bonus
Fight on duration
Range of hamstring
Strikes power cost reduction
Dire need cooldown




Weapon Major Pool (One handed)
Overwhelm critical rating
Vexing blow damage
Bash damage
Guardian's pledge cooldown
Guardian's ward duration
Sweeping cut damage
Whirling retaliation damage
Guardian area of effect melee targets


Weapon Major Pool (Two handed)
Overwhelm critical rating
Overpower cost
Brutal assault damage
Guardian's pledge cooldown
Guardian's ward duration
Sweeping cut damage
Whirling retaliation damage
Guardian area of effect melee targets

Weapon Minor Pool (One or Two handed)
Targeted melee skills range
To the king damage
Guardian bleed damage
Charge duration
Warrior's heart duration
Stamp cooldown
Guardian's bleed pulses
Turn the table cooldown


Item Major Pool
Catch a breath morale heal
Skill threat
Cry resistance chance
Challenge targets
Guardian's ward damage
Sting damage
Guardian's ward block rating
guardian's ward parry rating
catch a breath cooldown
shield damage


Item Minor Pool
Guardian's threat parry and block ratting
Shield wall range
Reactive block damage
Power restore on reactions
Warrior's heart morale heal
Stagger effect duration
Shield smash damage
Increased block, parry, and evade from protection
Stagger positional damage
Stagger critical rating




Melee Weapon Major Pool
Melee critical multiplier
Blindside critical rating
Needful haste duration
Beneath notice cooldown
Find the path movement bonus
Improved strength of earth morale regen
Precision stance critical magnitude
Area of effect skills maximum targets

Melee Weapon Minor Pool
Desperate flight cooldown
Stealth detection
Swift stroke parry and evade rating buff
Low cut bleed chance
Agile rejoinder heal chance
Melee critical rating
Press onward cooldown
Traited intent concentration power bonus


Bow/Crossbow Major Pool
Induction bow critical
Focus bow critical multiplier
Ranged skill evade chance modifier
Ranged skill block chance modifier
Induction bow power cost
Merciful shot cooldown
Focus bow power cost
Strength quick shot slow
Quick shot critical rating


Bow/Crossbow Minor Pool
Ranged evade rating
Distracting shot resistance penetration
Burn hot damage
Induction bow threat
Focus bow threat
Heart seeker damage
Endurance quick shot threat
Barbed arrow bleed damage
Distracting shot cooldown


Lore Master


Weapon Major Pool
Light of the rising dawn critical multiplier
Cracked earth range
Tactical skills direct damage
Staff strike cooldown
Fire skills critical multiplier
Light of the rising dawn damage
Burning embers initial damage
Increased power from share the power


Weapon Minor Pool
Burning embers range
Sickly gourd direct damage
Gust of wind
Bats go to war damage
Lightning storm damage
Test of will damage
Cracked Earth Damage
Storm lore damage
Lightning skills critical rating


Item Major Pool
Beacon of hope healing
Target tactical damage skills resist rating
Target physical resist rating
Fire skills critical rating
Wizard's fire Pulses
Burning embers pulses
Non damaging sign of power duration
Ancient craft targets


Item Minor Pool
Target fire damage skills resist rating
Test of will devastate damage
Duration curing skills resistance
Inner flame healing
Fire damage over time
Bane flare targets
Fire lore targets
Increased threat form sign of rage
Increased morale from sign of protection




Weapon Major Pool
Triumphant spirit cooldown
Call to war skills resistance chance
Piercing cry damage
Call of Orome damage
Soliloquy of spirit healing over time pulses
Rally cooldown
Threat from healing


Weapon Minor Pool
Call of the Second Age targets
Call to fate critical multiplier
Recovery time still as death
Tier one ballad damage
Tier two ballad damage
Target resist cry of Valar
Cure fear cooldown


Item Major Pool
Target ballad resist rating
Healing and motivational skills morale healing
Raise the spirit
Bolster courage healing
Inspire fellows healing
Ballad of war magnitude
Healing skills power cost


Item Minor Pool
Target song resist rating
Chord of salvation cooldown
Cry of chorus cooldown
Song of the dead cooldown
Ballad of unshakeable will fear resistance
Ballad of flame fire defense


Rune Keeper


Weapon Major Pool
Healing attuned skills power cost
Battle attuned skills power cost
Fury of storm damage
Fire skill damage
Wrath of flame damage over time
Healing over time


Weapon Minor Pool
Steady attuned skill power cost
Chill of winter damage
Fury of storm critical multiplier
Vivid imagery targets
Distracting flame cooldown
Target all skills resist rating
Chill of winter debuff duration
Glorious foreshadowing duration


Item Major Pool
Distracting winds cooldown
Writ of healthy healing
Self motivation power return
Shocking words stun chance
Pulses prelude to hope
Writ of fire damage
Essence of flame damage
Scribe's Spark Damage


Item Minor Pool
Chilling rhetoric cooldown
Frozen epilogue Cooldown
Target shocking touch resist rating
Do not fall this day cooldown
Word of exaltation cooldown
Mending verse healing
Epic for the ages healing
Ceaseless argument power cost




Weapon Major Pool
Exultation of battle threat
Mighty blow damage
Wages of fear positional damage
Reckless attack duration
Wall of steel parry rating
Piercing strike threat
Spear of virtue threat
War cry threat
Power fierce resolve gambit line


Weapon Minor Pool
Javelin toss rating
Ambush critical multiplier
Critical strike multiplier
Spear of virtue damage
Surety of death damage over time
Hampering javelin duration
Boar's rush critical rating
Onslaught damage
Power attack gambit line


Javelin Major Pool
Determination in combat morale regen
Conservation in combat power regen
Dark before the dawn power restored
Celebration of skill healing
Restoration Morale healed
Dance of War evade rating
Safeguard healing
Heal bonus for conviction
Power safeguard gambit line


Javelin Minor Pool
Shield piercer duration
Careful step duration
Forced march max power penalty
Shield mastery block rating
Resolution resist rating
Ambush and careful step induction
Reduced to hit movement penalty for javelin skills
Duration Adroit maneuver
Duration Warden's triumph

  I hope we have helped to somewhat demystify Lotro's legendary item and weapon system for you.





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