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Trove Beta Preview Review (2015)

Trove Beta Preview Review 2015


  Trove is a free to play voxel based MMO game with cash shop options from Trion Studios available on their Glyph platform.


  When you start to play Trove it's very hard not to compare it to another little voxel based game called Minecraft, in fact the comparisons are fairly obvious with its mining and crafting aspects, however once you spend a few hours in Trove it begins to remind you of a another game although a simpler version of it and that game is Diablo.


  Trove starts out with a fairly decent tutorial that eventually leads you to your very own cornerstone which is a dedicated area that you can build in.


  The interesting thing about cornerstones is that not only do they act as player housing, they are also transportable to any other cornerstone that is not currently occupied.


Trove Cornerstone


    The tutorial ends rather abruptly and could leave a newer player a little confused on what to do next.


  In the center of the central hub are gates to other worlds of various levels, each world is a procedurally generated continent with a wide range of biomes; including forests, plains, oceans, retro futuristic cites, lava covered mountains, wild west deserts, and candy land like landscapes.


Viking Burial Grounds

Whosoever holds this hammer... is a really tall dude.


Trove Dragon Lands

Mordor in the spring.


Neon City

Bright lights big city.


Candy Land

Sugar and spice and everything... is that cake coming to kill me?


  Trove uses a dual leveling system, the first system is based on class and caps out at level 20. The second system is mastery and is account based.


  You gain class experience by defeating monsters and completing quests. You gain mastery experience by gaining new costumes, pets, crafting, and unlocking new crafting recipes.


  So even if you don't like the look of a costume piece it is always a good idea to unlock the costumes for the mastery points.


  The first class available to you is the Knight, additional classes are available via the cash shop.



Trove Knight


  The knight is a physical damage class that uses melee weapons. The knight's class skills are;





  Iron Will





Gun Slinger

Trove Gunslinger


  The Gun Slinger is a magical ranged class that uses pistols. The Gunslinger's class skills are;



  Charge Shot

  Blasts Shot

  Run and Gun



  Lucky Shot


Candy Barbarian

Trove Candy Barbarian


  The Candy Barbarian is a physical damage class that uses melee weapons. The Candy Barbarian's class skills are;



  Vanilla Swirlwind

  Sugar Crash

  Eis-Crom Cone



  Gum Drop


Neon Ninja

Neon Ninja


  The Neon Ninja is a physical damage class that uses melee weapons. The Neon Ninja's class skills are;



  Shadow Flip

  Stasis Blade

  Final Technique



  Shining Star



Trove Dracolyte


  The Dracolyte is a staff wielding magic melee class. The Dracolyte's class skills are;



  Spit Fire

  Burnt Offering

  Avatar of Flame



  Fire Walking


Ice Sage

Trove Ice Sage


The Ice Sage is a magical damage class that wields staves, The Ice Sage's class skills are;



  Ice Crash

  Frozen Ward

  The Big Chill





Fae Trickster

Trove Fae Trickster


  The Fae Trickster is a staff wielding ranged magical attack class. The Fae Trickster's class skills are;




  Glitter Bomb

  Faerie Dance



  Ego Blast


Shadow Hunter

Trove Shadow Hunter


  The Shadow Hunter is a ranged physical attacker class that uses bows. The Shadow Hunter's class skills are;



  Radiant Arrow

  Sun Snare

  Arrow of the Goddess



  Dark Whispers


  As the game is still in beta, additional classes could always be added to the game later on, in fact I was fairly impressed with the amount of additions that the game received with each update while I was playing for this review.


Trove in flight

I believe I can fly.


  Where Trove really shines is in it's simple dungeon system, each dungeon takes only a few minutes to complete and offers a random reward after the dungeons boss has been defeated.


  Some dungeons offer a recipe as a reward, you can always tell if a recipe is available as there will be a scroll above the dungeon to denote it.


  Since Trove is an MMO you can join others in the world to complete quests and dungeons, in the more advanced uber worlds as you complete dungeons, you will collect ingredients to forge shadow keys. These keys open up group dungeons that have more challenging content and greater rewards.


  When you are ready to build a masterpiece you can either join a club world or start one yourself (Troves version of guilds). You can also visit club worlds via portals in the central hub.


Trove Club World

Portal to a club world.


Trove Club World Center

If you find a heart pedestal and enjoyed the sites you saw in a club world you can give that club a "Prop" which is Troves version of a like.


    Trove has a lot of interesting ideas and it is a joy to watch the game as it changes and grows.


  Final Verdict for Trove 9/10 A fantastic little voxel based game that is a lot of fun.




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