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God of War Review I, II, III

God of War I, II, III Review


  Today we are going to take a look at the God of War trilogy, as this is a trilogy there will be some inevitable spoilers to the storyline, but I will try to keep those to a bare minimum.


  The copies of God of War I and II used in this review were the remastered HD versions available for download off of The Playstation Network Store. I picked up the bundle for less than $30.00.


  By getting the bundle for the Playstation 3, I did not have to worry about backward compatibility issues, or inserting and ejecting discs as this was a digital download, although we do use the backward compatible PS3 Fat for reviews here at Robot Eye Theater.


God of War

Ares is one large foe...


  In the first God of War we meet our protagonist for the trilogy Kratos, a former Spartan general who called upon Ares, the god of war to save him and his men from the onslaught of a barbarian horde.


  Kratos offers his soul and servitude to the god Ares, but is later betrayed by the god of war, ultimately paying a price that even he is unwilling to pay.


  The story follows ten years after Ares betrayal, with Kratos having now served the other Greek gods for the previous ten years. Athena calls upon Kratos to stop Ares from destroying the city of Athens. If he is successful the gods will forgive Kratos for his past sins.


  There is a reason that the first God of War comes up time and again on list as the greatest game ever released for the Playstation 2. Santa Monica Studios did an excellent job capturing the feel of the old action adventure movies of days gone by, while combining in some very clever and at times diabolical puzzles to solve. The detail work on characters, enemies, and the environments is very impressive.


  The combat system is very fast paced and easy to learn, with a wide variety of weapons and magic for you to use.


  Kratos himself is a hero fully sitting in a grey area, consumed by his need for vengeance. Kratos is willing to sacrifice and do anything to get his vengeance against the god of war and end the nightmares that are slowly driving him to madness.


  If one thing can be said for Kratos his methods are brutal...


God of War II

See one of the seven wonders of the world, and battle it to the death!


  God of War II finds Kratos, the ghost of Sparta, enthroned as the new god of war, but he finds no solace in his new position, as he is still plagued by his past deeds. The armies of Sparta march across the world conquering city after city in Kratos's name. Causing concern among the other gods of Olympus.


  Soon Kratos is betrayed once more and this time finds himself in an alliance with the Titans that were overthrown during the great war of the gods.


  God of War II, retreads a lot of the same ground as the first game but still feels fresh. Kratos has learned a few new moves since we last met him, increasing his versatility and causing variations to the puzzles used to challenge you.


  The buttons used to interact with chests and switches/levers have changed since the last game which can cause moments of confusion when you're trying to make quick movements.


God of War III

Just how big do the enemies get? How about Titan size!  


  Hmm maybe Kratos should have become the god of the betrayed. We open God of War III with Kratos leading a charge of Titans up Mount Olympus only to be told that he was just a pawn. When will the silly immortals of Olympus learn that Kratos takes this stuff very badly?


Kratos definition of anger

So that's what it means...


  God of War III was the very first game that Santa Monica Studios designed for the PS3 and they did a great job. The difference between the HD version of God of War I and II versus God of War III are immediately apparent, and in a good way.


God of War I, II, III comparison


The hydra battle in the first game was good, the battle against the Colossus of Rhodes in part two was great, but nothing compares to doing battle against enemies the size of the Sears Tower that you must confront in the third game!


Kratos vs the big bosses


  Kratos has again learned some new moves and has kept the wings of Icarus that he acquired in God of War 2. The battles are even more intense than in the previous installments, with Kratos trapped in the middle of a war between the Gods of Olympus and the Titans.


Wings of Icarus


  Sounds like all three games are pretty awesome what's the catch? To be honest the God of War series is not without its flaws. The controls can be very frustrating with Kratos refusing to do his double jump or not deploy the wings of Icarus at times causing you to repeat some areas over and over again. These control problems can also cause you to overlook a solution to a puzzle when in actuality you were just a hair off of where the jump or cliff hanging was tracked to during the programming phase. Speaking of pathing issues, on two different occasions I fell through solid objects to my death! Also if I ever find the guy who suggested the harpy movement sections of God of War 3 ...


  Even with the new variations in puzzles as the series progresses, the puzzles seemed to get easier. I spent more time on the first game then on the third. This could also be attributed to the fact that I played all three games to completion back to back.


  Another downside is the treatment of women in this series, I know that women are not usually shown in the best light in the old action adventure movies, but still does the light that women are shown in this game add anything to the story? I don't think so.


Kratos Ladiesman

Kratos the ladies man.


  The real strength of the god of war series besides the great visuals, is the story and unique mythos of the God of War universe. This is not the Greek mythology that you learned about in school. The team behind God of War have put their own unique spin on it.


  You really want to see the story through, and one of the reasons I played the games back to back, was because it was like a good book that you do not want to put down, because you need to know what happens next.


  Kratos is definitely not a generic or bland hero and he really stands out. Even when he is choosing a dark path you really understand why he does the things he does.


  Most people ignore the rating system on games, buying games that are listed above the age suggestion for their children, but believe me this game is rated mature for a reason! Think very carefully as there is graphic nudity in this game along the lines of what you would see in a R rated movie.


  Overall a great storytelling experience, good visuals, enemies that make you use your brawn, and puzzles that make you use your brain. I highly recommend the God of War series.


Final Verdict God of War I, II, III   8.5 out of 10




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