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Galaga Legions DX Review

Galaga Legions DX Review


  When I was growing up I used to visit Cosmic Cave (the local arcade) to drop quarters into all of my favorite machines. Many an afternoon of my youth was spent fighting the unending swarms of Galaga ships sent to destroy my star fighter.


Galaga Cabinets

When I was younger not only did we walk to school uphill both ways, but we also stood up to play our video games.


  Now to celebrate the 30th anniversary (has it really been thirty years?) of Galaga, Bandai Namco Games is releasing Galaga Legions DX on the Play Station Store and the X-Box Live Arcade.


  The first thing you notice is the multitude of available visual choices that the game has to offer, from modern graphics to old school Galaxian art sets.



Original Starfighter in glorious 192i resolution


  Veterans of the original game will have to get used to a new control set up. Movement is handled by the left analog stick. You have the freedom to move anywhere on the screen, just be careful not to ram into any Galaga ships as you zip around.


  Weapons fire is controlled using the right analog stick. You have two different firing schemes. The first being diffuse and the second being focused fire.


  In the original Galaga game you had to sacrifice a star fighter to an enemy tractor beam. This was a subterfuge so that you could rescue the other ship and engage dual fire mode. This was later expanded to linking up to three ships together in Galaga 88'. In Galaga Legions DX you start with all three ships already linked together. The set up was a little bit different than what I was used to in my Galaga games, reminding me of the satellite system that was used in the R-Type series if games.


Snatching up your people


  Don't worry at certain points in the game you get to trick certain Galaga swarms into fighting beside you! This was a nice touch that really excited me the first time it happened.


  Game play is based around memorizing patterns so that you can efficiently eliminate the enemy swarms with all do haste. I found that it was a little too easy to wipe out entire enemy swarms, now that they added in a mechanic where you could destroy just the boss in charge of a swarm, forcing all the ships under his command to self destruct.


 There are a couple different modes of play but not a lot of content or story to be had here. This is to be expected as it is nothing more than an old school shooter with a snazzy coat of paint and to be honest it's fairly inexpensive.


  Overall if you want to play the original Galaga for nostalgia, you can find it as part of several different compilations that have been released over the last few years. If you are looking for better graphics and some fun tweaks to the classic game play than I recommend picking up Galaga Legions DX.


Final verdict Galaga Legions DX 7/10


Galaga Legions is available through the PlayStation Network Store or the X-Box Live Arcade currently priced at $9.99






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