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Fire Fall Beta Review

Fire Fall Review


  Another contender enters the arena of F2P (Free to Play) MMO's with Red 5 Studios first game Fire Fall.


  Fire Fall is a Sci Fi shooter MMO that feels like a mix between Halo, Starship Troopers, and World of Warcraft. The fact that the company is made up of many former Blizzard Entertainment employees should be a surprise to no one once you play the game.


Fire Fall Math


  Set several centuries in the future, the Earth has been devastated by two different disasters.


  The first known as "Fire Fall" was caused when a large asteroid made up of a material known as Crystite broke up into smaller pieces as it passed the moons gravity well showering the earth with meteors. The upside of this disaster was that Crystite can be used as a clean energy source.


  The second disaster was caused when the FTL (Faster than Light) drive was activated on the starship Arclight. Something went horribly wrong as the ship attempted to jump to warp on its maiden voyage. The Arclight's jump drive failed and fused together causing the ship to enter into a decaying orbit around the Earth.


  The Arclight crashed back into the planet rending a hole in the fabric of time and space, this event unleashed an energy storm known as the Melding.


Arclight Demotivational Poster


  Humanity now survives in a small bubble of warped reality around the crash site of the Arclight in South America, fighting off an alien invasion by a race who call themselves The Chosen that appeared out of the Melding.


  Red 5 Studios has a five year story line planned for Fire Fall, (kind of reminds me of the planning behind Babylon 5) that will be revealed slowly over time via episodes. These episodes center on the survivors of the Arclight disaster and the mystery of the Chosen.


  The lore behind Fire Fall seems very tight and interesting to say the least.


  Classes in Fire Fall go by the name of Battleframes, you will find the familiar mix of tanking, dps, support, and healing classes that you would find in any other typical MMO.






  The Assault Battleframe is the warrior dps class for Fire Fall, equipped with a plasma cannon this is the Battleframe of choice for those who prefer a brute force style of strategy.




  The Biotech Battleframe is a healer/support class in Fire Fall, as in all MMO's that feature the holy trinity of tank, healer, and dps, you now there will always be a high call for this type batleframe.




  The Dreadnaught is the heavy armored tanking class of Fire Fall, equipped with a chain gun, you will soon enough have flash backs of the movie Predator as you stand still and mow down enemies.




  As the name implies the Engineer is... well the Engineer class of Fire Fall. Built for support roles the Engineer specializes in the use of laying down turrets across the battle field.




  Finally we come to the Recon Battleframe which fills the role of long range dps in Fire Fall.


  Fire Fall is definitely a game of team work as playing this game solo can be a very brutal experience in the PVE (Player versus Environment) world as you will quickly find yourself overrun by enemies, of course MMO's are designed to be played with others so this is a no brainier.


  The art style and graphics of Fire Fall already feel dated, I am sure that this is by design so that the game can run on a broad range of machines, however it really makes me wonder, "Do I really want to look at outdated graphics in a theme park MMO for the next five years?"


  Along with the art style there is a slightly odd angle to the perspective that you have from behind your character, this made everything seem a little off in combat.


Butt Cam perspective in Fire Fall

Welcome to the "Butt Cam" slightly off perspective.


  Balance and survivability between the classes also seems way off. I found that the lightly armored Recon Battleframe had a lot more durability and staying power than the heavily armored Dreadnaught Battleframe.


  This review is based off of the beta of the game, things can certainly change before the game is released. I would hope that a better balance for the different Battleframes is implemented before the game goes live.


  There is a very odd balance in combat that I just cannot put my finger on, it is neither as fast as most shooters nor as slow as most typical MMO's. Combat had an almost muddy feel to it in the game.


Final Verdict for Fire Fall: 6/10 Overall it is nice to see a new original sci-fi MMO hit the market however I feel that the balance between those who love MMO's and those who love the frenetic combat found in games such as Halo still needs a bit of tweaking if this game is to be a winner.






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