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Dead Rising 2 Review


Dead Rising 2 Review


  I love survival horror video games so I was looking forward to testing out Dead Rising 2.


  I never got a chance to play the first incarnation of Dead Rising so I came into this game with a fresh outlook that others might not otherwise have had.


  The story begins at a pay per view event for the Terror is Reality game show which pits athletes against hordes of zombies, in a world that has suffered from a zombie outbreak just a few years prior.


Terror is Reality


  We follow our protagonist Chuck Greene, a former Motocross champion who has entered into the Terror is Reality competition to earn money so he can afford the life saving drug Zombrex that his daughter Katey needs to take every 24 hours, or else she will turn into a zombie from a bite she had previously received.


Chuck Green with his daughter Katey Greene


  Soon after the competition has ended a terrorist attack allows the zombie hordes to escape from their pens below the arena to ravage Fortune City. A video tape and news report about the attack links it to the radical organization C.U.R.E a zombie rights group, with the suspected saboteur named as none other than former Motocross star Chuck Greene! The frame job is on.


Cure Protest Leader and The Cure


  The military will arrive in just seventy-two hours and Chuck has that long to prove his innocence, while rescuing survivors of Fortune City and desperately trying to find daily doses of Zombrex for Katey.


Zombrex 24 hour


  Dead Rising 2 forgoes the puzzles that most survival horror games are crowded with, to focus on combat and maneuvering survivors back to the emergency safe house. This is not as easy as it sounds as some survivors are more competent then others. The locations throughout Fortune City also create one large and elaborate maze.


Fortune City map


  Not only is it bad enough that zombies are everywhere, but you have to deal with human psychopaths that have either cracked under the pressure of the outbreak or are hired goons out to get you.


Doublemint Twins?

The evil version of the Doublemint twins?


  Lucky for you that just about everything in this game can be used as a weapon, and Chuck is a master of combing the odd stuff he finds in the city into new even more powerful weapons.


Dead Rising 2: Weapons Galore

Weapons Galore!


Angus MacGyver and Chuck Greene


  The variety of zombies and attention to detail really shine in this game. As you race from location to location trying to beat the mission clock, you really do feel overwhelmed and outnumbered by all of the zombies on the screen all the time.


Dead Rising 2 Lots of Zombies


  The survivors you meet are very interesting and most are slightly insane, my two favorite were rescuing the english Goth band Angel Lust who failed to realize that the crowd was full of zombies and not fans rocking out to their music, and the bride from the wedding chapel who refused to take any weapon for self defense except for a purse, suitcase, or "personal massager".


Angel Lust on stage

Are you ready to rock!


  Enough already you have me sold on the game Professor! But wait dear reader for unfortunately as good as all the previous statements were this game has some very serious drawbacks.


  To begin with the controls for this game are absolutely terrible! Moving Chuck around the city is a chore, and Chuck is a madman when swinging his weapons missing foes and unintentionally hitting allies all the time. Your also more likely to accidently exit from a vehicle in this game as you are to make a turn with it.


Dead Rising The true meaning of terror


  The bad controls and at times odd camera angles could be forgiven if it were not for the fact that you have to deal with the psychopaths, were maneuverability and split second dodging are the key to your survival. The zombies at least are slow moving, but then again so is Chuck. I began to wonder if Chuck was secretly already a zombie when trying to run across the city for the first time.


  The weapons of this game also suffer from a bizarre range of effectiveness. First off guns are not your friends in this game, especially against human targets. I found that a couple hits with a spiked bat would take a goon down a thousand times more effectively then unloading an entire magazine from an assault rifle at point blank range.


  Dead Rising 2 also uses a weapon fatigue system that slowly causes your weapons to deteriorate as you use them severely limiting the useful lifetime of your weapons. I would not mind this if it was reasonable, but please explain to me how I broke a pipe wrench against a zombies skull?


  The weapon combo system goes from pure genius (like the hunk of meat and dynamite combo) to the absurd (you can literally make a Star Wars lightsaber with a flashlight and a few gems from the jewelry store).


  The game also uses a quest arrow system to lead you to mission locations, but it does not tell you how far that location is from you. The quest arrow also does not appear when you need to return back to Katey to give her a daily dose of Zombrex. If you do not know the city like the back of your hand it is easy for her to die as you struggle to find your way back to the safe house especially since you have no in game compass at all.


  The beautiful scenery, attention to detail, and variety of enemies and weapons just could not counteract the frustratingly bad controls, sometimes bad camera angles and bizarre weapon damage scales.


  If you are a true fan of survival horror go ahead and give this game a rental, but I would hold off on buying it until you see it somewhere cheap or used.


Final Verdict Dead Rising 2:  5.5/10



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