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Our Big Non Review of City Of Heroes: Going Rogue Trial



Going Rogue Non Review


  The plan for this week's review was for Going Rogue...


Sarah Palin City of Heroes


  Oh the plans we had for creating some heroes and villains, from the super strong and intelligent heroine known as Invictus, to the diabolic mad scientist Doctor Mechano with his robotic army of minions.


  City of Heroes/Villains is an aging game (6 years and counting) that needs an infusion of new players along with a graphics update. They decided to tackle these issues with the expansion pack Going Rogue, which would also introduces a pseudo mirror universe city and gives players the option of choosing from two new power sets (dual pistols and demon summoning).


Whoa, I know Gun Fu...


Gun Fu


  Wow all of this sounds pretty cool so um what is a non review anyway?


  Well the best way to get people to try new things is by giving them a free sample, you see this at supermarkets all the time. So we decided to download a free trial of Going Rogue from the NCsoft website.


  Now just a little technical information on the system that we use to test games on, for our reviews.


Intel Pentium Core i7 920 2.67 GHz

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit edition

1 gb gddr5 ATI Radeon 5870 video card

12 GB of Ram

300 GB 10,000 RPM Veloci Raptor hard drive

1 TB data hard drive

Blu Ray disc drive


25/25 MB Fiber optic broadband connection

60'' rear projection TV via HDMI cable 1920x1080 resolution


  The trial software downloaded without issue, installation was a breeze, and then we tried to use the program... After login we could not select a server because the mouse pointer was way off from where we were pointing to.


  Ok will back out and try again... Oh yeah we cannot click the exit button... a quick alt+tab and we close the program.


   Restarted the program via a safe mode option that was available before the login screen, and now we cannot even click to enter the password, one tab and password entered later and we still cannot select a server properly, but hey maybe it's just the server selection screen that is the issue.


  So I brought the pointer all the way to the far right, and about halfway down the screen and viola we are able to select the Justice server.


  Oh look there is a box in the middle of the screen we have to click to continue, I maneuvered the pointer all over the screen but to no avail I could not get the button to highlight.


  Ok let's check out the official forums this has to be an issue that others have come across in the beta.


  The community was pretty good with lots of ideas on what might correct the problem, but none of them worked.


  We contacted support and of course they want us to try the normal routines that you already do first when you encounter a problem (make sure all the drivers are up to date, turn off background programs ect.). Next they asked us to do the same things that the community suggested, things we already told them we did in our original message ::sigh::


  Three days later of uninstalling/reinstalling, downloading again fresh, altering short cuts, and we still cannot get the program to work properly. It must be our system so let's try it on a different computer and a fresh download of the trial, with a completely different configuration and operating system...



Same problem



Oh were going rogue alright...


Office Space Going Rogue


  The average consumer has a very short attention span, how many people would spend half a week trying to get a trial of a program to work?


  I would say that the average gamer will judge a game by the first ten minutes of play time so the beginning areas in a MMO trial are key to gaining them as a subscribing customer.


  Not only must detailed work be done generating the trial, but it is very important in such a crowded market that the first experience that a new player has be a good one, free from problems because there are a lot of other MMO's out there these days.


Snowflake Tattoo


  If you're in the supermarket and the sample you are offered tastes awful because they burnt it , are you likely to try that new product ever again?


Robot Eye Theater Supermarket


  Final score for City of Heroes: Going Rogue?


  I 'am not going to pass judgment on this game that I could not enter, even if it raised my frustration levels to new heights, but I am sadly disappointed as I was looking forward to playing this game (I had played the original City of Heroes/Villains years ago).It's ok though another new super hero MMO is right around the corner.




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