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Song Pop Game Review (2013)

Song Pop Game Review


  Once more we jump into the world of social gaming with today's review of developer Freshplanet's newest game Song Pop.


  Song Pop is an app based game that is currently trending on social networks, think of it as this decades version of "Name That Tune".


Name that Tune

Why does Song Pop give me Deja Vu?


  In Song Pop you compete against friends, strangers or both in quick five song rounds based on a category such as 80's, 90's, Classic Rock, ect.


  A short clip of a song will play and you have to select from one of four multiple choice answers for each song. Sometimes the answer is the name of the song and sometimes the correct answer is the name of the artist.


  Points are scored for how fast you click on the correct answer and also how many correct answers you have made in a row for this round.


  If you can't name the tune right away it is a better bet to let the clip play for a little longer before making a choice.


Song Pop multiple choice



  Once you play through a round your challenge is sent to an opponent who tries to beat your time and score for each song. If you are on the receiving end of a challenge at the end of the round you get to pick the next category of songs from a list of three playlists that you own.


  The winner of each round receives three gold coins that can be used in the games cash shop to buy new music categories or power ups. The loser for that round will receive one coin just for playing, so win or lose you still gain something.


Song Pop you won


  When you score very well in a round, a star meter is filled that unlocks additional songs in that categories playlist. Early on it can become very repetitive as the same songs will come up again and again but it also becomes a learning experience so the next time that a particular song comes up you have a better chance of recognizing it.


  At the end of each round Song Pop reveals the correct answer for each song and even gives you links to iTunes, Amazon MP3, You Tube, and Spotify for that song. A very interesting option to help them monetize the game.


  Song Pop is another free to play game with cash shop options, I never felt the need to use the cash shop as most purchases for new musical categories range from 249-399 gold coins and you start out the game for free with the 80's collection, 90's Alternative, Classic Rock, Love Songs, Modern Rap and Today's Hits play lists.


  New play lists are added all the time and the current batch of categories available for purchase includes;


Summers 1980-1985, Soft Rock, Rock 1970-1975, 2000's Rock, 50's Collection, 6-'s Collection, 60's Folk, 70's Collection, 80's Hair bands, Aussie Hits, Bachata/Merengue, Best Covers, Blues, Bollywood, Brit Pop, British Invasion, Canadian Artists, Christian Gospel, Christmas Tunes, Classic Folk Rock, Classic R&B, Classical, Country Classics, Crooners, Dance, Decades 60's-90's, Disco, Doo Wop, Dub Step, Duets, East Coast Rap, Electronic, End of the World, Euro vision, Female Country, Female Singers, Funk, Girl Power, Glee, Grunge, Hard Rock, Haunting Songs, Horror Themes, House, I Love NY!, Indie Rock, Industrial, J-Pop, K-Pop, Jazz, Latin Divas, Latin Male, Male Country, Melancholy Tunes, Metal, Modern Country, Modern R&B, Motown, Movie Sound track, Musicals, National Anthems, New Age, New Wave, New Year's Party, Nostalgic 20's-60's, One Hit Wonders, Post Punk, Power Metal, Pro Wrestling, Progressive Rock, Punk, Reggae, Rock Ballads, Rock Latino, Salsa, Ska Punk, Soul, Summer 2012, Techno, Top Hits 2012, Trance, Trip Hop, UK Rap, US TV Themes, Ultimate 2000's, Ultimate 90's, Video Games, and West Coast Rap.


Buy all the playlists!

Said no sane person ever.


  That has to be the most eclectic selection of playlists that I have ever seen before in a music based game.


  The power ups in Song Pop are not that useful as they only remove two of the multiple choice answers for a song and the price for power ups is a little steep compared to their benefit.


  Gold coins can be purchased at a rate of 400 for $2.00, or just win or participate in games each day and you will quickly rack them up.


  Song Pop does offer a V.I.P. option for $2.00 a week at the time of this article being written.


  The benefits of becoming a V.I.P. are that the game becomes Ad-free, you get unlimited chat with other players via in game text, longer music clips with higher fidelity, and the cap of only 20 active games at a time is raised to 80.


  One of the games more interesting features can also be one of the it's biggest downsides. As I said before at the end of each round you pick from one of three randomly selected playlists that you own to challenge an opponent.


  The opponent does not need to own the playlist to play, which means at times you can get a sneak preview of what might be on a different play lists that you do not own.


Battle of the bands Demotivational image

Song Pop what have you done?!


  The downside of this system is that you will constantly be challenged by people who may not share the same musical tastes as you. It get's old pretty quickly when someone constantly challenges you to name Christian Gospel songs or Pro Wrestling musical "artists."


  Song Pop is a fun and competitive game, this is one free to play game that I found the cash shop not to be too bothersome.


Final Verdict for Song Pop: 7/10 Overall a fun addictive little game that does not take too much time to play. The downside is having to compete in categories that you might have a particular dislike for.




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