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2011 Fall Primetime Television Line Up

2011 Fall Primetime Television Line Up


  It's that time of the year again, the major television networks have announced their Fall primetime schedules. So let us see what is in store for us this Fall.


Monday Night Primetime Line Up


  ABC Dancing with the Stars, Castle.


  CBS How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly,

Hawaii Five-0.


  CW Gossip Girl, Heart of Dixie.


  FOX Terra Nova, House.


  NBC The Sing Off, The Playboy Club.


  Monday predictions, Two and a Half Men will see it's swan song turn into a fast ratings dive. Very few shows can pull off a change in leads successfully (M.A.S.H. and Law & Order come to mind). Most of the times it simply does not work even if it is not the networks fault (good examples of this are Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter and Bewitched).


   I applaud NBC (The on life support network along with the CW) for taking a risk with The Playboy Club (some affiliates are refusing to air it). I feel the restrictions that the show will face being on network television will hamper it's success, this show really needed to be picked up by one of the cable networks.


Playboy Club "Easter Eggs"


Tuesday Night Primetime Line Up


  ABC Last Man Standing, Man Up, Dancing with the Stars (results show), Body of Proof.


  CBS NCIS, NCIS: LA, Unforgettable.


  CW 90210, Ringer.


  FOX Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope.


  NBC Biggest Loser, Parenthood.


  It will be interesting to see if Tim Allen still has his comedic touch in Last Man Standing, hopefully this will be more Home Improvement and less Santa Clause. I predict that Zooey Deschanel's new show New Girl will be the surprise hit of the season (this show made me lol in under a minute flat).


Wednesday Night Primetime Line Up


  ABC The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Revenge.


  CBS Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI.


  CW H&R, America's Next Top Model


  FOX The X Factor, I Hate My Teenage Daughter.


  NBC Up All Night, Free Agents, Harry's Law, Law & Order: SVU.


  I think there is still enough of an audience out there for a show like X-factor, so it will be no surprise when this one succeeds. The off air battles and cast changes and shifting on Law & Order: SVU will hurt it in the ratings. Don't be surprised if this is the last season for SVU.


Thursday Night Primetime Line Up


  ABC Charlie's Angels, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice.


  CBS The Big Bang Theory, How to Be a Gentleman, Person of Interest, The Mentalist.


  CW The Vampire Diaries, The secret Circle.


  FOX The X Factor (results show), Bones.


  NBC Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Whitney, Prime Suspect.


  Charlie's Angels? Really? This show looks cheesy already and it is not even the good kind of cheese. Expect this one to be bounced around quite a bit before being canceled. Can The Office survive without Steve Carell? Only time will tell.


Charlie's Angels  and Cheese

One of these is cheesy, the other is a food from Wisconsin


Friday Night Primetime Line Up


  ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Shark Tank, 20/20.


  CBS A Gifted Man, CSI: NY, Blue Bloods.


  CW Nikita, Supernatural.


  FOX Kitchen Nightmares, Fringe.


  NBC Chuck, Grimm, Dateline NBC.


  Grimm reminds me a lot of Supernatural and the World of Darkness game Hunter: The Reckoning. I think that this show will have a niche audience, unfortunately that niche audience is already watching Supernatural. Expect this show to be an early victim of cancelation.


TV math Grimm

Same bat time, not same bat channel.


Saturday Night Primetime Line Up


  ABC College Football


  CBS Rules of Engagement, 48 Hours.


  FOX Cops, America's Most Wanted


  You will notice I did not list a few networks for Saturday, that's because they are only showing yet to be announced repeats or as I like to call it "Why try to beat college football"? Especially this year when there may not be an NFL football season.


Sunday Night Primetime Line Up


  ABC America's Funniest Home Videos, Once Upon a Time, Desperate Housewives, Pan Am.


  CBS 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, CSI: Miami.


  FOX The OT, The Simpsons, Allen Gregory, Family Guy, American Dad.


  NBC Football Night in America, Sunday Night Football.


 This could be the first time in a long time that Sunday night is up for grabs, as the NFL lockout might cause a canceled or shortened football season. If this were to happen we would hand the win over to FOX, for their aging but still watched long running animated series. However I think that the NFL lockout will end at the very last second and that whooshing sound you hear will be the sound of NBC executives and football fans across America remembering to breath once more.


  So what shows will not see the light of day at all this season, well here is a list of last year's shows that have officially gotten the axe.


  ABC Better With You, Brothers & Sisters, Detroit 1-8-7, Mr. Sunshine, No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Outsourced, V.


  CBS Chaos, Criminal Minds: Suspect behavior, The Defenders, Live to Dance, Mad Love, Medium, S#*! My Dad Says.


  CW Hell Cats, Life Unexpected, Smallville,


  FOX Breaking In, The Chicago Code, The Good Guys, Human Target, Lie to Me, Running Wilde, Traffic Light.


  NBC The Cape, Chase, The Event, Friday Night Lights, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Perfect Couples.


  So who came out on top last year amongst the major television networks?


Ranking by Total Viewers                

1. CBS                          

2. FOX                         

3. ABC                         

4. NBC                        

5. CW


  These rankings are based on total viewership, unfortunately networks and advertisers still believe that only people 18-49 have money to spend. This antiquated rating system will make victims of more than a few good shows this year.


  Each network still had less viewers compared to the previous year, expect this trend to continue as cable television and internet entertainment sites continue to create alternatives that siphon off network viewers.


  A few interesting shows to view this fall, which ones will stand the test of time is anyones guess. Interesting food for thought for television executives and advertisers. When the television show M.A.S.H. first debut in 1972, it had abysmal ratings and was only saved from cancelation because an executives wife liked the show. The final episode of M.A.S.H. aired in 1983 to over 100 million viewers.




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