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Pathfinder Role Playing Game Review

Pathfinder RPG Review

  "War is hell".

       Union General William T. Sherman


  Yes it is but who would think that a war would spring up over a game? Most role-playing games see a new edition every few years, this is usually used to clarify old rules and add in a few new ones.

It's also great way for a gaming company to get a badly needed cash infusion.


Uncle Same Edition War Joke Photo


  So what happened and how did the war start? No one knows for sure but any gaming geek who was on the forums of the Wizards of the Coast website during the development of the fourth edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game™ knew to wear flame retardant clothing.


  The edition war further fragmented an already shattered community of gamers who were split amongst the various editions of the game, and there were villains and heroes on both sides of the fence.


  With the drastic changes that were taking place with the rules a company called Paizo decided that there was a market for a new edition of the game built upon the foundation of the old edition, there was no reason to scrap the entire worksite when the foundation was strong. Another point that the people at Pazio worked hard on was to make sure that all of the current material that you already owned for the 3.5 edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game™ would still be useable and not just collecting dust on your bookshelf.


  This brings us to our tabletop review for today The Pathfinder Role Playing Game Core Rulebook.


  As I already stated the changes to the traditional rules of the Dungeons and Dragons™ game were far from extreme with Pathfinder, these changes were more of a streamlining of previous rules and a slight rebalancing of the classes and races to make them more enjoyable.


  The book itself is a nice hardbound cover with glossy pages and very well chosen artwork, at over five hundred and seventy pages this book combines the traditional Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide of the Dungeons & Dragons game™ into one sourcebook, that you could use for self defense considering its weight.


self defense with rpg book


  New players and old will find the layout of the book works quite well, although there will still be a bigger learning curve for a newer player, compared to one that will be starting out with the new fourth edition of the game. Older player's will feel more at home with these rules then the changes that fourth edition made to the traditional game.


  Overall The Path Finder Role-Playing Game is a solid product that belongs on any tabletop gamers shelf.


  On a final note change can be good and there are a lot of fine role playing games out on the market today, help support your local gaming store and these other publishers by stopping in to see what is available.


  Final verdict 9/10




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