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The Robot Eye Theater Awards 2014

4th annual RET Awards presented by Robot Eye Studios


  Welcome to the 4th annual Robot Eye Theater Awards!


  My how time flies as we are already in the year 2015, it is time once again to look back over the previous year to award the very best of what has entertained us.


  Without further ado let us begin.




Category: Best Picture 2014

RET Awards Best Picture 2014 The Lego Movie


The Lego Movie



  There is no possible way this idea should have worked. It is a movie made by Hollywood for a toy company. It just screams lets rake in the cash and who cares about anything else.


  If you did not watch this movie because you thought that this is the way it was going down then you did yourself a great disservice because this movie is awesome.


 This is also not a movie just for children, as an adult it shines a light on how nostalgia can effect us and how the love of those nostalgic ideals can be seen from anthers point of view in a most startling way.


  In the end everything is awesome.



Category: Best Actress 2014

RET Awards Best Actress 2014 Essie Davis


  The Babadook was a very unique horror movie that does not rely on cheap jump scares or gore to scare you.


  Throughout the movie you will constantly find yourself questioning what is real and if there is even a monster at the center of this horror movie or are we just witnessing the slow descent into madness of a woman who can no longer cope with what life has thrown at her.


Essie Davis as Amelia in the Babadook


  The Babadook works because of the amazing performance turned in by Essie Davis as Amelia, a single mother trying to raise her son after the death of her husband.


  You can almost physically feel the pain and tiredness that Amelia is experiencing and it takes a true master of their craft to make the audience feel as much as they do while viewing this film.


The Babadook

A perfectly normal family.




Category: Best Actor 2014

RET Awards 2014 Best Actor Andy Serkis


Andy Serkis as Caesar

Andy Serkis as Caesar.


  Once again we leap in to the fray and select Andy Serkis as Best Actor in the same role (new movie) that won him this exact same award in 2011.


  It takes a very powerful actor to make you believe in the illusion that the character is "real" when they are cloaked entirely in CGI and Andy Serkis has become a master of such illusions.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Boys I know painting marks on your chest works for Batman, but he wears body armor.


  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is that rare movie that we find that surpasses the original movie providing us better entertainment than the original film ala Terminator 2: Judgement Day.





Category: Best Director 2014

RET Awards Best Director 2014 Jennifer Kent The Babadook


  Director and writer Jennifer Kent brings us a refreshingly new vision of horror with The Babadook, proving that you do not need jump scares or gore to deliver an amazing tale of horror to the silver screen.


  The Babadook oozes with atmosphere and interesting visuals and is one of the few horror movies in this day and age that will keep you guessing until the very end.





Category: Best of Television 2014

RET Awards 2014 Best of Television Cutthroat Kitchen hosted by Alton Brown


Cutthroat Kitchen


  I can't believe I am saying this, a game show is one of the best things on television this year.


  What a game show though, Cutthroat Kitchen is by far the most entertaining game show I have ever seen.


  Four chefs compete in three rounds of culinary competition with a chef being eliminated each round.


  The chefs begin the game with $25,000 cash but only the chef who wins in the end gets to walk out with the money, there is a catch however.


  Each round the chefs are presented with various items via auctions that they can bid on to sabotage their opponents and let's just say the sabotages can be just plain evil at times.


  A host can make or break a game show and Host Alton Brown does an amazing job of presiding over Cutthroat Kitchen.


Alton Brown as a Bond Villain

Alton Brown should be cast as the next Bond Villain, he is evilicious incarnate.



Category: Song of the Year 2014

RET Awards 2014 Song of the Year Taylor Swift Shake It Off


Taylor Swift 1989


  Even with low sales numbers for the industry as a whole 2014 ended up being one of the better years in music from a music lovers point of view.


  I know that I personally added more music this year to my rotating playlists than in the last four years combined.


Taylor Swifts Shake It Off came out of the gates swinging with its catchy beat and message that anyone could appreciate from their own point of view.


Shake It Off Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands!





Category: Game of the Year 2014

RET Awards 2014 Game of the Year Banished




  Sometimes you don't need flashy graphics and a story to create an amazing game that can devour incredible amounts of your time.


  Banished developed by Shining Rock Software, which only has one employee.. wait a tic only one person developed this entire game! Yes you read that right.


  Banished is a very different kind of city building simulator with a sometimes brutal difficulty level and learning curve.


Banished Village of Skyrest


  Set sometime during a pseudo Medieval and Colonial age, Banished starts you out with limited supplies and a small number of colonist that varies depending on the difficulty level that you begin at.


  You have to work fast or the first winter for your small colony might be it's last.


  What makes Banished shine is the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you overcome the many obstacles that are set before you.


Banished Village of Skyrest 02


  There are no enemies to fight in this game, no fear of invasion, there is only you and your colonist battling against the elements and starvation.


Banished Village of Skyrest 03


  Just when you think you have everything figured out in Banished some unforeseen problem can creep up on you that will send your small colony into a death spiral, and all of this challenge just makes you want to try even harder to prepare for the next game.


  Banished another shining example of how much fun a sandbox game can be.




Category: MMO of the Year 2014

RET Awards 2014 MMO of the Year Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn


Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn


  Never in my life have I seen a game turn around so completely and drastically from a failed launch as I have with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.


White Mage on a Unicorn FF XIV

What a UNIque mount...


  The developers of Final Fantasy XIV took a game that nearly ended a long and profitable franchise and resurrected it like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Meeting the Admiral FF XIV


  In this age of free to play games it takes a lot to attract a loyal subscriber base especially after you drove away your most loyal customers with the original launch of the game.


The Seed Seer Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn


  Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn shakes off the past even making it part of the games story and delivers a game that is well worth the price of admittion each month.


White Mage Wreathed in Flames

Anyone else a little warm?


  The story is familiar and yet different and draws upon threads laid down in previous games in the franchise.


  Overall an enchanting game that will make you fall in love with the Final Fantasy franchise all over again.





  Another year over and it seemed to pass faster then any before it. I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us.


Chromey award 2012



   Have comments or suggestions on our picks or feel that we should have had added some other categories? Drop us a line or contact us at you can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.


  Until next this is the Professor signing off, have fun out there.


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