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The Robot Eye Theater Awards 2013



  Has it really been three years already that we have been doing this annual awards article?


  As a critic and a reviewer it is my privilege to get to see over a hundred movies and play dozens of new and amazing games every year.


  We take this time every year to award the very best that has come to pass over the previous year.


  Now before you grab your pitch fork and torches to start storming the studio please remember that we only give out awards for movies we have seen or games that we have reviewed. As a very very small company we do our best with the limited resources available to us.


  If your favorite game or movie got passed over remember we may have never received a promotional pass or review copy of it.


  As a reviewer I also base my decisions on opinion, my tastes may differ from what you enjoy.


  Any winner may use the copyrighted award image in their advertising or promotional campaigns. None of the nominees provided any financial incentive or reward to be considered.



Category: Best Picture 2013

RET Award Best Picture: Europa Report


Europa Report


  This is the type of movie that only comes along once every few years.


  Europa Report has all the ingredients for failure that you could pile onto a film, an original property, low budget, hard science fiction edge, depressing tone, and a documentary style.


  How anyone thought that this movie was going to work is beyond me and yet work it does.


  Not many films can keep me guessing to the end but even fewer can shock me in the way that Europa Report did.


  This is a must see movie and more than deserves the award for best picture this year.





Category: Best Actress 2013

RET Award Best Actress 2013 Anamaria Marinca



Anamaria Marinca as Pilot Rosa Dasque


  Is it any surprise that we picked one of the leading characters from the best picture of the year?


  Anamaria Marinca turns in an amazing performance and it was her performance as pilot Rosa Dasque that really helped to add the icing to an already incredible film.


  Months after having screened this film it was always her performance that stood out in the forefront of my mind.



Category: Best Actor 2013

RET Best Actor 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug



  Yes we are going out on a limb here again, but as we have said before it takes incredible acting skill to bring a completely CGI overlay character to life.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Smaug


   Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was simply breath taking.


  Much like Andy Serkis before him Cumberbatch donned a motion capture suit to bring the legendary character to the big screen.


  It was not only the CGI that made this the greatest dragon ever to appear on film but also the charisma and acting ability of Cumberbatch.



Category: Best Director 2013

RET Award Best Director 2013



  Sebastian Cordero's vision of the near future lured us in and kept us hooked throughout the entire film (Europa Report).


  Mr. Cordero's has quite a few tricks up his sleeve as Europa Report was made on a fairly small budget (by Hollywood standards). However it never feels like a small budget film in fact it feels like a documentary that you would be watching on a channel dedicated to science.


  Once again a must see movie.



Category: Best of Television 2013

RET Award Best of Television 2013 Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special


  This was definitely the year of the Doctor as Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.


  Some shows grow stale and old after a season or two but Doctor Who has continued to remain fresh and garner new generations of audiences decade after decade.


  The entire season was a celebration of the series as a whole and I am sure that Day of the Doctor will make many top ten lists when people look back on the series as a whole.




Category: Song of the Year 2013

RET Award Best Song of the Year 2013 One Republic Counting Stars



  This was the one category this year that caused the most debate here at Robot Eye Theater. There were some songs this year that started out very strong but grew weaker upon repeated listening.


  In the end we had to make a decision and chose One Republic for their song Counting Stars.





Category: Game of the Year 2013

RET Award Game of the Year 2013 The Last Of Us


  What a great game to finish off the last console generation on.


  The Last Of Us was a roller coaster ride of emotions that left players questioning morality, love and the true definition of what a hero is.


  Not without its problems it was still one of the best games to be released in the entirety of the last generation of consoles.





Category: MMO of the Year 2013

RET MMO of the Year 2013 WoW MoP SoO


  The king of the hill for subscriber based MMO's is still going strong after all these years with a very fitting conclusion to the campaign that first launched a couple of years ago with the release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion.


  Siege of Orgrimmar and the timeless isle provided untold hours of entertainment here at the studio and it quickly took precedence over all the other MMO's that we have access to here.




Category: Special Achievement

RET Special Achievement Award 2013 Steven Moffatt



Steven Moffatt


  Never in my life have I seen one man masterfully play not only the rabid fan base of a show but also the media and critics all at the same time.


  The web of misdirection that Steven Moffatt spun around the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who was so powerful that he was able to take an event that was entirely over hyped and doomed not to live up to expectations and turn it into one of the most memorable and tear jerking episodes of television that I have ever had the privilege to watch.


  So this year we here at Robot Eye Studios created a special category (Special Achievement Award) to recognize and honor the amazing work that Mr. Moffatt has done this year.


  So I tip my hat to you Mr. Moffatt, for doing the nearly impossible.



Chromey award 2012



  As I correctly predicted last year this year was full of surprises I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us. Hopefully my most anticipated movie of this year (Godzilla) lives up to my expectations.


   Have comments or suggestions on our picks or feel that we should have had added some other categories? Drop us a line or contact us at you can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.


  Until next this is the Professor signing off, have fun out there.


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