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The Robot Eye Theater Awards 2012


  Welcome to the second annual Robot Eye Theater Awards! It is hard to believe that yet another year has passed already.


  As a critic and reviewer I watch on average 2-3 movies a week, this is about 100-150 movies a year on top of this I also have to devote time to assimilating dozens of books, music, television shows, and other items that we review on the site.


  This year I will not be listing the runner up for each category, I will only be listing the runner up if I felt that the choice between the winner and the runner up was extremely close.


  These awards are given out based on educated editorial opinion. If an amazing piece of work, that just so happened to be your favorite was overlooked this year, please realize the constraints that time and the size of our operation limits us to.


  Any winner may use the copyrighted award image in their advertising or promotional campaigns. None of the nominees provided any financial incentive or reward to be considered.


  Alright enough with all of that let us get on with the awards.   



Category: Best Picture


RET Awards 2012 Best Picture


The Avengers


  Everything in this movie was harmony in motion, from the visuals, to the pacing, to the way that every single character was made to seem important.


  This movie must have been a nightmare to balance when you consider not only the source material but also the rabid fan base that watched this movies development like a hawk.


  I could watch this movie a dozen times and still be entertained each time.



Runner Up

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey


  I really went back and forth on which of these films would take best picture, both had their merits and I believe that both will be considered classics of their era in the years to come.


  The Hobbit had a much more childish tone and scope than the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies that were released in the previous decade and this is how it should be!


  People often forget the differences in tone, between The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings novel.


  This movie transported me back to my childhood, when discussing this film with others I instantly thought back to other classics films that I grew up with such as Time Bandits, Labyrinth, and The Princess Bride.


Never have I been so wrong meme


  Any way you go you cannot lose seeing either of these fantastic films.



Category: Best Actress


RET Award Best Actress 2012


Jennifer Lawrence


  Everyone knew that The Hunger Games was going to be the hottest new thing, I mean if Twilight could sustain a franchise than The Hunger Games had no worries.


  Jennifer Lawrence could have just shown up and collected a paycheck for her role as Katniss Everdeen and still have been lauded by the ravenous fans of the source material.


  She did much more than that and really poured herself into the role, bringing everything around her to life.



Chromey award 2012

Don't worry the Chromey statue is not in fact made from mahogany.




Category: Best Actor

RET Award Best Actor 2012


Best Actor Winner: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark


  Some actors are just born to excel in a certain role so well that you can no longer separate the actor from the character, Robert Downey Jr. in his role as Tony Stark falls into this category.


  The Avengers pulled together a fantastic ensemble cast and it takes real talent to shine in a role with so many other fine actors without overshadowing your co-stars.




Category: Best Director


RET Awards 2012 Best Director


Director Joss Weadon The Avengers


  The Avengers are racking up a serious amount of the available Chromey awards this year here at Robot Eye Theater, not all of the awards, but a boatload of them and for good reason.


So close...

No clean sweep for you Avengers!


 This film could have really gone either way, we know just how much studio meddling has ruined other comic book adaptations in the past.


  Joss Weadon brings us the perfect storm of cast, characters, and story, while surrounding the film with visuals that do not give us a headache while we try to keep track of what is going on in a scene.


Transformers Demotivational Poster

I am looking at you Transformers!




Category: Best of Television

RET Awards Best of Television 2012



The Walking Dead Winner RET TV Award


  I have a serious case of Deja Vu, The Walking Dead takes the award for Best of Television for a second year in a row.


  What can I say that I did not say last year? The Walking Dead continues to bring us amazing television week after week and I stand by what I said last year, The Walking Dead may be one of the best dramas ever to appear on the small screen.





Category: Song of the Year 2012

RET Award Song of the Year 2012


PSY and Hyuna


  Some songs just define the year that they became popular and in 2012, PSY's song, Gangnam Style, literally took the world by storm becoming the most played You Tube video in history.


  Years from now we may look back and laugh at ourselves for doing our silly little horsey dance but Gangnam Style brought a fun energy to the year.


  Gangnam Style is PSY's attempt to make fun of the crazy lifestyle, of living beyond your means to keep up appearences.





Category: Game of the Year 2012

                  MMO of the Year 2012


RET Awards for both Game of the Year and MMO of the Year


The Secret World


  This is probably the greatest game out that you are not playing, money may not have been spent by Funcom on marketing but it was spent on creating a truly amazing game that wins the Chromey Award in two different categories; Game of the Year and MMO of the Year for 2012.


  The video game industry has been dumbing down games for more then a decade and it was a refreshing change to play a game that was hard, not due to poor controls, but due to insanely challenging puzzles and mysteries that literally made you think outside of the box.


    Due to poor sales this game recently changed from a subscription based model to a buy to play model, so what are you waiting for? Go buy this game!



  So we bring a close to another year, it will be interesting to see who will surprise us in 2013.


   Have comments or suggestions on our picks or feel that we should have had added some other categories? Drop us a line or contact us at you can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.


  Until next this is the Professor signing off, have fun out there.


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