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The Robot Eye Theater Awards 2011


  Welcome to the first annual Robot Eye Theater Awards! Normally at this time of year we do our Half and Half show, covering the five best and five worst things of the past year.


  Well we wanted to do something a little more positive this year, hence the creation of this new awards show.


  A few notes before everyone starts to gather their torches and pitch forks.


1. Nominations run slightly different from a normal calendar year. All entries considered for the current 2011 awards are from December 24th 2010 to December 24th 2011. The reasoning behind this is that every year we here at Robot Eye Theater take a small hiatus (vacation) around the Christmas through New Year holidays. This limits our ability to judge and see several holiday films until the following year.


2. We are not going to bog you down with a list of a million nominees; you will only get to see the winner and runner up for each category. Realize that your favorite game or movie may not have even been nominated in the first place.


  As a critic and reviewer for Robot Eye Theater I watch on average 2-3 movies a week, this is about 100-150 movies a year on top of all the games, books, television shows, and other things that we cover. So yes that silly 24 hours in a day thing means that we may not have been able to honestly judge an item that you feel should have won an award.


3. Any winner or runner up may use the copyrighted award image in their advertising or promotional campaigns. None of the nominees provided any financial incentive or reward to be considered, let's face it folks we are really small potatoes here, but we try our best ;)


  Alright enough with all of that let us get on with the awards.   



Category: Best Picture


RET Best Picture 2011 Winner: The King's Speech


The King's Speech


  The King's Speech was released on December 24th of 2010 which is why it was not listed in last year's Half and Half show. It did however qualify for this year's award time frame.


  There was a lot of heavy competition for movie of the year, but in the end great performances and a fantastic historical story that showed us the human side of one of the most powerful families in the world came out on top.


  The King's Speech is the story of King George VI's reluctant rise to power and his lifelong struggle with a speech impediment. This was a time before television or the internet when public speeches and radio addresses where key to maintaining the confidence of the British people.



Runner Up

The Help


The Help


  The Help is set in the south during the 1960's and gives us an inside look into the lives of black women who worked as maids for white families in the deep south.


  It is easy to forget how different the world was just a few decades ago. Great performances, visuals, and a heart wrenching story kept this one near the top, but it could not overcome The King's Speech for the win.



Category: Best Actress


RET Best Actress 2011 Helena Bonham Carter


Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen



  I remember rolling my eyes when watching Helena Bonham Carter in the Harry Potter movies; needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing performance that she turned in as Queen Elisabeth in The King's Speech.


  It is hard to portray historical characters without turning them into a caricature of who they were in real life. Carter's performance was by far the best in the film and that is saying a lot with all of the great performances that we got to see in The King's Speech.


Runner Up

Viola Davis

The Help


The Help


  Viola Davis portrays Abilieen Clark in the movie The Help. Davis's performance was much stronger by far than anyone else in the film and only the juggernaut that is the King's Speech kept her from obtaining the win.



Category: Best Actor


RET Best Actor Award 2011 Winner: Andy Serkis


Rise of the Planet of the Apes


  I know we are going to get a lot of heat for this choice as most would say that the role of Caesar should be relegated to supporting actor at best. On top of this the character of Caesar is a CGI (Computer Generated Image) overlay.


  Overlooking Andy Serkis's performance because of the use of CGI would be like not nominating John Hurt for an award for his role in The Elephant Man because he wore make up. No one else in Hollywood can bring life to a CGI character like Andy Serkis can. He is a master at his craft.



The many faces of Andy Serkis

Give this man an Oscar already! No? Fine will give him our award :P



Runner Up

Colin Firith

The King's Speech


The Kings Speech


  Once again The King's Speech reaches to snatch yet another award but Andy Serkis is a bit more dexterous than Colin Firith and is able to escape with his award intact.




Category: Best Director


RET Best Director 2011 Winner: Zack Snyder Sucker Punch


Sucker Punch


  This is a movie that most people either love or entirely hate, but there is no denying the amazing visuals and direction Zack Snyder brought to the movie Sucker Punch.


  Too many people write this movie off far too quickly and I think that they do a disservice not only to the movie but also to themselves. It is not very often that we get something original from Hollywood and when we do and it is entertaining and fun we should reward it as such.


Runner Up

Matthew Vaughn

X Men: First Class


X-men: First Class Director


  It took a mighty hand to resurrect this franchise and Matthew Vaughn did an excellent job in his direction of X Men: First Class.




Category: Best of Television


RET Best of Television 2011 Winner: The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead Winner RET TV Award


  What can we say? There is nothing else like The Walking Dead on television. This show is the perfect storm of acting, directing, and storytelling.


  The Walking Dead is not only the best television show of 2011; it may be one of the best shows to have ever aired on the small screen.


Runner Up

How I Met Your Mother


How I Met Your Mother


  This show continues to deliver week after week, even though it is in its seventh season. Very few shows manage to continue to perform this strong so far into their lifespan.



Category: Game of the Year


RET Game of the Year 2011 Winner: Minecraft


Minecraft 001


  I went out and bought a fire extinguisher specifically to put out the flames I will be getting for this choice.


  Minecraft is an amazing game with a retro style that remembers to bring the fun that so many games today forget to add. Too many developers focus on flashy graphics and dumbing down mechanics to reach a wider audience.


  Well indie developer Mojang proves that what we really want in a game is a fun time to pour a multitude of hours into, and believe me you will think that there is a black hole nearby stealing away time when you play this game.


  Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game, you decide what it is. Want to play as a survivor overcoming great odds? Go ahead! Want to spend your time creating large art pieces all day? Not a problem!


  I cannot think of any other game that gives so much value for so little cost. In a time when a $60 game with flashy graphics lasts you four hours, it is an amazing find to play Minecraft for hundreds and hundreds of hours for around $27.



Runner Up



Skyrim 001


  Skyrim is another game that you will spend hours on end in, but too many bugs when it first launched, hurt this games chances to take top honors.


Professor with sword




Category: MMO of the Year


RET MMO of the Year 2011 Winner: Star Wars: The Old Republic


SWTOR Winner RET MMO of the Year


  This one just made it under the wire to qualify for this year's awards. Not without its problems Star Wars: The Old Republic is still one of the finest MMO's to hit the market in years.


  Each class has its own very personal story and a majority of the quests in the game are fully voice acted including your characters responses to NPC's (Non Player Characters).


  There are multiple paths to leveling including, quests, PvP (Player versus Player), space combat, and good old fashion mob grinding. But the choice is yours to make.


Jedi Knight with his T7-01 droid


  There are very few games that I subscribe to with my own personal money after I have completed a review but Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of them.


Runner Up



Rift 001


  I have to give credit to Trion Worlds for one of the smoothest MMO launches in recent years. Rift is a fun little MMO, with a development team that listens to its player base. Unfortunately it is mired in the old wall of text, kill ten rats style of game play.



Category: Most Shocking Moment on Television


RET Award Most Shocking Moment on Television 2011 Winner: Torchwood Miracle Day, Episode "The Categories of Life".


Torchwood Miracle Day 001


  Nothing can prepare you for the winning scene from The Categories of Life episode of Torchwood Miracle day. Not only did I not see this one coming, I was truly shocked when it happened


  We won't ruin it for you here with spoilers, but it may be the most shocking fictional event to ever air on television without being crude.


Runner Up

The Walking Dead

Episode "Pretty Much Dead Already"


The Walking Dead Pretty Much Dead Already


For fans of the comic books that The Walking Dead television show is based on, the final confrontation at Hershel's farm was a complete game changer. As in the comic no one is safe. Pretty Much Dead Already is one hell of an emotional roller coaster of a ride.



  There you have it, our picks and awards for 2011. Have comments or suggestions on our picks or feel that more we should have had added some other categories? Drop us a line or contact us at you can also reach us on Twitter or Facebook.


  Until next this is the Professor signing off, have fun out there.


Chrome Statue Award, A Chromey?

Sorry winners you will not in fact be able to take home the Chrome Robot statue, hmm a Chromey?


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