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Robot Eye Studios 5th Year Anniversary


  Welcome to the 5 year anniversary of both Robot Eye Theater and the entertainment company Robot Eye Studios!


  It is hard to believe that over five years, half a decade has passed since we unveiled the website to the world.


  When I began this venture, I had planned it out to span a five year time period of development and to see it complete that mission makes me feel very proud.


  Of course not everything went to plan as the years passed, however we always corrected our course as needed to continue to thrive.


  I wanted to do something to say thank you to everyone who visits the site and to show the diversity of both the articles and different entertainment aspects that we cover here at Robot Eye Theater, when I realized we had enacted that same exact plan for the two year anniversary.


  The anniversary video created for that occasion was a great way to celebrate so I dug into the archives for the site to recover the video which had been lost when we ended our partnership with our former video host.


  It still sends the message that I wanted to say which is thank you, thank you for continuing to visit the site and thank you for allowing me to continue to do what I love to do.



  It is hard to imagine just how much planning and hard work went into getting both the original show and website off the ground. In fact it was almost a completely different beast in the early planning stages.


  At first the site was almost called the Admiral Show and we tested a site and show design that would have given the appearance of taking place aboard a space battleship.


  We also tested running the original web television series hosted by a robot puppet named Chrome Robot.


Test footage proving that I am a terrible puppeteer.


  In the end it was decided to use the format that you see today.


Christopher Gravuer 2010 vs 2015


  So what does the future hold? It is hard to say, the world has certainly changed and I would love to continue to provide entertainment to everyone for years to come however only time will tell.


  Now that the first five year plan has been completed it is time to begin a new plan.


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