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   The Rise of Isengard expansion was released by Turbine Inc. this week for Lord of the Rings Online. It was one of the least buggy updates released by a MMO company in a long time. 10-01-2011


  Facebook updated the way it looks again this week causing massive ammounts of complaints from customers. People do not take change well, even more so when it happens suddenly and without notice. 09-23-2011


  Netflix has spun off their DVD business with a new name Qwikster. This move caused the stock of Netflix to drop even further. 09-19-2011


  Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple this week. He is staying with the company but in a different role. 08-30-2011


  Doing a double update to the site today. Giving you this weeks and next weeks articles and Red Button finds, in a single dose. This will allow the Robot Eye Staff some time to spend with their families, without interupting the content that you come to the site to see. 08-23-2011


  Changed the layout of the website slightly after a viewer request, let us know if it helps you navigate the main page better. 08-23-2011


  The Professor has joined LordKaT's Pigskin Pick'em League at ESPN. Let's see how his matches fare against the Turducken is Tasty team. 08-22-2011


  In MMO News Lord of the Rings Online will release the Rise of Isengard expansion on September 27, 2011. 08-09-2011


  Riots on the streets of London this week over the death of young man in a police shooting. 08-08-2011


  The NFL lockout is over and there will be football this season. If the season had been canceled it could have had a devastating impact on the economy. 07-29-2011


  Singer Amy Winehouse passed away this week at the age of 27. 07-24-2011


  Netflix announced this week a major price hike, to take effect in September for subscribers who want to use both the DVD and Streaming services that they provide. Currently subscribers can enjoy both services together for $9.99. Netflix will begin charging $7.99 for each service separately. 07-16-2011


  Zynga the makers of Farmville have filed for an IPO (initial price offering to sell stock to the public). This may be the most over valued IPO ever to be offered in history. Our advice, always invest wisely and with caution. Also stay far far far away from this IPO! 07-09-2011  


  The 800 lb. gorilla in the MMO room has made an announcement. World of Warcraft is now free to play (with restrictions) from level 1-20. This is more like an unlimited trial period, but is sure to have a big impact on the F2P market worldwide. Will the F2P bubble finally burst?



  The Supreme Court this week struck down a California ban on the sale of violent video games as unconstitutional. Yes video games are protected speech. What many people fail to realize is that a majority of video game players are in the 18-35 age bracket these days.



  The end is near! At least for fans of the MMO Star Wars Galaxies. Sony has announced that Dec. 15, 2011 will be the final day for the now canceled game. Rumors around this story say that it was not a Sony decision, but in fact was a decision that came down from Lucas Arts who hold the Star Wars license. This is most likely due to the soon to come Star Wars The Old Republic MMO from Bioware. 06-26-2011


  Peter Falk the actor who played TV Detective Columbo passed away this week at the age of 83. 06-26-2011


  Another MMO game is going F2P, this time it is City of Heroes. The F2P market is getting crowded.



  E3 is over now and the world awaits the release of Nintendo's new console the Wii-U sometime in 2012. The Wii-U will be backward compatible with the already released games for the Wii and will introduce a new controller with a built in touch screen. Nintendo says that this unit will match up with the power of both Microsoft's and Sony's current consoles. This may leave Nintendo behind in the next generation of console wars, as both the Xbox360 and PS3 will likely be retired in the near future, for the introduction of new more powerful consoles. 06-20-2011


  You may have noticed as part of a running gag in the videos here on Robot Eye Theater, a grey cat in the background that we pretended never to acknowledge. His name was Silky and he passed away this week. He was a much loved member of the family and we will miss him very much.



Good bye old friend, daddy and mommy will miss you.

Born 08-02-1993 Passed on 06-12-2011 R.I.P.


  Roy Skelton aged 79, passed away this week on June 8th, 2011. Mr. Skelton was the voice of the Daleks for many years on the hit sci fi show Doctor Who.



  Sony is in the news again and yes it is because even more Sony customer accounts have been hacked. To make it even worse, the hackers released the details of over 1,000,000 Sony customers without redacting any of the information onto the web. 06-03-2011


  DC announced this week that they will be rebooting the entire DC universe. We will see over 50 "new" issue #1's released, starting in August with the Justice League. 06-02-2011


  Well it looks like the Wonder Woman series is over before it even got started. After testing poorly and causing a huge internet controversy over the tacky costume. The network executives have passed on the pilot. 05-27-2011


  Well rapture mania is hitting an all time high with the prediction that the world will end on

May 21, 2011. Hmm guess that means no news next week. 05-20-2011


   Fox gives the axe to several shows this month including, Human Target, Lie to Me, The Chicago Code, and Traffic Light, Breaking In. 05-13-2011


   Another 25 million customers have had their information hacked from another Sony division, this time it was from Sony Online Entertainment, the company's MMO division. 05-03-2011


  Barack Obama announced Osama Bin Laden's death today. Twitter activity goes insane at the news. 05-01-2011


  It's royal wedding day in England today with estimates of nearly 2 billion people, who will watch the event. 04-29-2011


  After being down for several days Sony announced that both the PSN (Play Station Network) and its music service Qriocity had suffered a hacker intrusion that exposed the personal information of over 70 million Sony Customers. This information included passwords, billing addresses, and credit card information 04-25-2011


  British Actress Elisabeth Sladen passed away today at the age of 63, famous for playing the character Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and The Sara Jane Adventures. 04-19-2011


  Portal 2 will release tomorrow on April 19th, we foresee much science being done, 04-18-2011


  Looks like we will see an authorized biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson. The title of the book will be iSteve: The Book of Jobs. The publishing date is planned for 2012. 04-10-2011


  In MMO news The Agency from SOE will be one of those games that never was, as it is now canceled. In related news SOE announced massive layoffs and closures for many of the company's North American studios. 04-02-2011


 The Nintendo 3DS is out, 3D without the special glasses. A very inventive idea. 03-27-2011


  It almost seems that there is nothing but death in the news of late and we bring you news of the passing of Elizabeth Taylor this week at the age of 79. 03-24-2011


  AT&T has decided to buy T-mobile, I guess that is one way to combat those T-mobile iPhone adds. 03-21-2011


  Another passing this week, as we lost beloved actor Michael Gough this week at the age of 94. Most will know him as the butler Alfred from the 90's Batman movies, but he also had a few roles in Doctor Who episodes The Celestial Toy maker and Arc of Infinity. 03-17-2011


  So it seems like the lock out is on for the NFL. If things do not get settled by August the season could be one of the poorest ever and that is if there is a season this year. 03-14-2011 


  It is with great sadness that I bring you the news of the death of Nicholas Courtney, the English actor who played Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart on Doctor Who. He died on February 22, 2011 at the age of 81. 02-22-2011


  Activision has officially given the axe to the Guitar Hero franchise, while in Rockband news several months ago Viacom sold off Harmonix, the division responsible for the Rockband franchise. It seems that the music video game genre may have darker days ahead than previously forecast. 02-13-2011


  The continued plague of account hacking along with a new update that is in the beta stages of development, have many longtime Turbine subscribers of Lord of the Rings Online, questioning if it may be time to move on to a different MMO with better security and a better understanding of what their longtime customers want from the game. 02-09-2011


  Congratulations to the Turducken is Tasty team (Lordkat, Rollo T, and Y Ruler of Time) for their fantastic live stream antics and coverage of Super Bowl 45. The show made the front page of Justin TV and had several hundred thousand viewers. Not bad for an unscripted live event. 02-07-2011


  Comcast has bought a controlling share in NBC/Universal Studios. This may have severe consequences in the cable wars and could be very damaging to net neutrality. 01-22-2011


  The Hobbit movie is back on. The movie was held up for a long time due to certain partner studios having financial difficulties that have now been bypassed. 01-15-2011


  Everyone here at Robot Eye Theater wish you and your loved ones the very best in the coming new year 12-31-2010


  DCUO will release on 01-11-11, it will be an interesting year to be a MMO player. 12-31-2010


  Square Enix released an apology letter to fans of Final Fantasy 14 and stated that the game would not require a monthly fee until it was brought to a level that it should have been at upon release. Along with this announcement there was some shuffling of the team behind FF14. When will companies learn that releasing games unfinished only hurts their future products and customer good will? 12-20-2010


  Well the totals are in and the team over at That Guy with the Glasses was able to raise $50,000 for the Ronald McDonald house in Chicago. A big congratulations to them and all those who helped support the online charity drive! 12-12-2010


  In MMO news Blizzard will be releasing the long awaited expansion Cataclysm for World of Warcraft on Dec 7 2010. 12-03-2010


  Just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to everyone who visits the site :) there will be no update this week as we here at Robot Eye Theater will be spending time with our loved ones. 11-25-2010


  In MMO news Turbine Inc. and Warner Bros announced this week that they will be releasing an expansion to the Lord of the Rings Online MMO in the fall of 2011. The expansion will be called Rise of Isengard. 11-21-2010


  The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act. (COICA) this week. This law if it clears the full House and Senate, would give the government of the United States, the right to remove sites from the internet even if those sites are in foreign jurisdictions. This law is on a very slippery slope and could lead to the removal of not only illegal sites, but also sites that the government (or political contributors) are not comfortable with, such as Wiki Leaks. In a moment of utter irony the Obama administration condemned both China and Iran this week for censoring the internet. Wait what? 11-18-2010


  The world of Anime lost famed producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki this week. Yoshinobu was one of the creators of the legendary anime show Space Battleship Yamato (Better known as Starblazers in the states). In an odd bit of morbid coincidence he died while falling off a boat named the Yamato.



  In console news Microsoft launched the Kinect this week, will see if this item will be a popular as Microsoft hopes. It would be nice if companies would skip gimmicks and just give us great games to play. 11-07-2010


  In MMO news Cryptic announced this week that Champions online is going to the free to play model. Can Star Trek Online be far behind? So many games are going to the F2P model or as some in the community call it "freemium" that the market will soon be spread pretty thin.



  In MMO news Turbine will be reworking the skills for both Lore-masters and Rune Keepers, these updates will be released with the November update. 10-25-2010


  In MMO news Turbine relaunched Lord of the Rings Online this week using the free to play model that was such a success for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Will see what the future holds for this game. 09-11-2010


  In movie news that I just learned about, Legendary pictures have acquired the rights to make a new American Godzilla movie from Toho! The planned movie will have nothing to do with the previous disaster of an American Godzilla film that was released in the 90's. Word on the street is that it will be CGI but with a more traditional look. Release date is not until 2012 so will keep our eyes open. 09-01-2010


  In movie news Toho will be releasing a live action version of Space Battle Ship Yamato (better known as Star Blazers in the U.S.A.) in Japanese theaters this coming December. No word if we will see a North American release of the film. 08-25-2010


  The website is in full swing, and we are working on the construction of a robot puppet named Chrome, who will be one of the characters on the Robot Eye Theater videos.              08-18-2010


  The staff of Robot Eye Theater will be attending a viewing of RIFFTRX LIVE! presents Reefer Madness formerly known as Tell your children. See the events page for more details.  08-11-2010


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