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Stone Temple Pilots Review


Stone Temple Pilots Album Road Map


Two guys walk into a concert...


  The most unlikely of ways you can form a friendship happened between Scott Weiland and Robert DeLeo at a Black Flag concert in 1986. The two were chatting about their respective girlfriends when the realization hit them that they were talking about the same girl. They each broke up with her and when she left town they took over her apartment.


  The original band name was supposed to be Mighty Joe Young but that name was already taken by an old blues musician so they had to change the name and eventually came up with the name Stone Temple Pilots.


  The band has broken up and reformed back together on numerous occasions over the last twenty-four years. Scott Weiland created a band (The Magnificent Bastards) that only released two singles, but during another STP (Stone Temple Pilot) break up in 2003 he went on to become the lead singer for super group Velvet Revolver. The DeLeo brothers Dean and Robert along with Eric Kretz followed a similar path and created a band in 1997 with Dave Coutts as the lead singer releasing the bands one and only self titled album Talk Show. During another break up period The DeLeo brothers once again created a new band Army of Anyone, but this time without Eric Kretz replacing him with Ray Luzier on drums and acquiring Richard Patrick for lead vocals. Eric Kretz also played drums for the band Spiral Arms at one time.


  In 1992 Stone Temple Pilots released their debut Album Core, it was well received by the public but not so much by the music critics of that day and age. In a bit of an ironic twist STP was voted the best new band by the readers of Rolling Stone Magazine, at the same time as they were voted worst new band by the music critics at Rolling Stone Magazine.


  The bands continued success and growing fan base led to the release of their second album Purple in 1994. The song Big Empty from that album found its way into the cult classic movie The Crow (and latter The Crow soundtrack) only adding to the bands popularity.


  Stone Temple Pilots released their third album Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop in 1996. The tour for this album suffered greatly because of Scott Weiland's drug addiction problems as he entered rehab more than once.


  1999 saw another album from STP when they released No.4. The most popular song off of the album was Sour Girl, a song that Weiland had wrote about his then wife Janina Castaneda who always seemed down around him but happy when he was not around.


  Shangri La Dee Da the fifth studio album from STP was released in 2001. It would be the last album that the group would put out in a long time (Atlantic Records released a greatest hits album titled Thank You in 2003). Originally planned as a double album, the band conceded to pressure from the label to make it a single album.


  Nine years would pass before Stone Temple Pilots would release their self titled sixth studio album in 2010, a full twenty four years after that chance encounter at a Black Flag concert. A lot of the material for the sixth album had been written a long time before it came out and some of it was even originaly planned for use on some of the band members side projects.


  So the real question is does the band still have it after all of these years of not playing together? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. You know you're listening to a great album when on the twelfth and thirteenth play through you still find yourself not skipping any of the songs.


  I would say that the best song on the album would be Hickory Dichotomy (the normal version sounds better then the live version) it's one of those songs that sticks with you long after you have heard it.


Read between the lines...


  The band fought a battle with their label over this album and it is likely that they will leave the label after they release one more album for them (their contracted for seven albums).


  Hopefully the dark days of break ups and reconciliations are behind them, but it's doubtful and that's a shame as they are one of the few bands to be around that has not only longevity but also its entire original starting lineup.


Final Verdict Stone Temple Pilots 8/10




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