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X-Men: First Class Movie Review

X-men: First Class movie review


  It's prequel time again for the X-men movie franchise, but does this one fail as hard as the other X-men prequels that have come before it?


  Setting aside the fact that the continuity in the comic books is a train wreck ( DC has even given up once more, intending to reboot the DC universe yet again this year), X-men: First Class, strays far away from the comic book origins of the Xavier school for gifted children.


  The film opens as did the first X-men movie, inside of a Nazi concentration camp during World War II with a young Erik Lehnsherr (Bill Milner as young Erik) the future Magneto, being torn away from his parents by camp guards, thus triggering his secret mutant power.


  This brings poor Erik to the attention of a Nazi scientist Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), whose inhuman methods and dark interest in mutant powers will begin to send Erik on his own inevitable dark path, that will eventually lead him into becoming the super villain Magneto.


  We than transition to the home of young Charles Xavier (Laurence Belcher as young Charles) the future Professor X, who confronts a young mutant girl named Raven (Morgan Lily as young Raven) pretending to be his mother. He sees through the girls disguise and reveals to the girl his own power. Charles is thankful to learn that he is not alone in the world, telling the young girl that she will never have to steal for food again.


X-men: First Class Smurfette

                            Where did you think Smurfs came from?


  The movie than flash forwards to the 1960's, Erik now a grown man (Michael Fassbender) travels the world hunting down former Nazi's, always looking for information on Sebastian Shaw, who he wants revenge on.


  Charles (James McAvoy) is now a young charismatic professor, having written his thesis on human evolution and mutation. He lives with his adopted sister Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), but fails to see that not only is she in love with him, but is also blind to the fact that his constant advances on other women are hurting her.


  Everything starts to come together, when C.I.A. operative Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) accidently stumbles upon a team of mutants in the Hellfire Club. She tries to tell her supervisors about the mutants but no one believes her. Moira seeks out Professor Xavier, hoping that his work on evolution and mutation might convince her supervisors that mutants could now be living amongst them. Little does she know just how instrumental Professor Xavier will be to proving that mutants do in fact exist.


Austin Powers

Had MI6 found the Hellfire Club instead of the C.I.A.,

this would have been a much different movie


  With the help of the now convinced C.I.A. (thanks mostly to Raven's intervention), Professor Xavier begins to build a team of mutants to counter-act the Hellfire Club. But it may already be too late, as Sebastian Shaw begins to put his plans into motion.


January Jones as Emma Frost

January Jones as ice princess Emma Frost? For once typecasting done right.


  Putting aside comic book history, X-men: First Class solidly fits into the X-men move franchise, this might even be a good jumping off point for an entirely new X-men movie franchise. I walked into this movie with a lot of trepidation, having seen the previous prequels and the original X-men trilogy. I left feeling quite satisfied with the story that the movie told.


  I think this is the first comic book movie to really show off what could be done if you had super powers. Every single scene that Azazel (Jason Flemyng) is in is epic, I only wish that there was more of this teleporting ninja in the movie. Unfortunately this inventiveness and showmanship of powers is severely lacking with every other character in the movie, which is a real shame.


Azazel the ninja
He is one bad mother... Shut your mouth! But I'm talking about Azazel


  It seems to be a very good year for comic book movies so far. X-men: First Class has a terrific cast of actors and actresses who took a different take on some very well established and iconic characters.


X-men: First Class not everyone can fly

O.K. so not everyone can fly


  Comic book fans will either love or hate this movie as it does not fit neatly into current comic book continuity. To be honest that is almost an impossible task for film makers at this point, considering that the major comic book publishers have over seventy years of history to deal with in their respective universes. The film takes a lot of liberties with known character histories, so be prepared and remember it's a movie. Also who knows when Marvel will reset history again themselves.


  Overall a good well directed and written film with good acting, leads to a very enjoyable movie going experience.


Final verdict for X-men: First Class 8/10





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