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Thor Movie Review

Thor Movie Review


  Comic book movie adaption's have been very popular in recent years and it was only a matter of time before the Marvel comic book character "Thor", a member of the super hero team "The Avengers", would come to see his time on the silver screen. Did they do a good job?


Thor, yes Avengers yes, Avengers no! (but still awesome)


  The movie opens up with a team of scientist, led by astrophysicist Doctor Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) who is investigating a strange atmospheric event in the deserts of New Mexico, when they run into an unconscious man.


  The move then swings back in time to 965 A.D. showing a war between the frost giants of Jotunheim and the warriors of Asgard fighting a battle on the realm of Midgard (Earth). Odin leader of the Asgardians is able to drive the Jotun back to their home world, and eventually defeats the frost giant king Laufey.


  Victorious Odin takes the source of the Jotun's power, an artifact known as the Casket of Ancient Winters, back to Asgard to be locked away in a vault protected by The Destroyer. All of this is revealed to us as a story that Odin is telling his two young sons Thor and Loki.


  We fast forward several years later to a ceremony were Odin is about to name Thor as his successor, the ceremony is interrupted when a group of frost giants make their way into the vaults of Asgard to retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters.


  The Destroyer deals with the Jotun's in short order, but Thor is angered by this intrusion into Asgard and suggest going to war once more with the Jotun as his father did so long ago. Odin explains that this was the action of but a few frost giants and that the peace between Jotunheim and Asgard is tenuous at best and reminded Thor that he was not yet king of Asgard.


  Against his father's wishes Thor leads a team of his fellow Norse gods to Jotunheim to confront the Jotun and find out why after so long they have tried to steal back the artifact. The frost giant king Laufey knows the devastation another war between his people and Asgard would bring upon the nine realms and offers to let Thor and his fellows leave Jotunheim unharmed. After some prodding by his brother Loki, Thor agrees to return home to Asgard, but a final insult launched by Laufey as they are leaving angers Thor and he attacks the frost giants starting a new war.


  Odin is forced to intervene to rescue Thor and his fellows. After an argument between Odin and Thor about Thor's actions on Jotunheim and his general vanity, arrogance, and pride, Odin strips Thor of his armor, powers, and magical hammer Mjollnir and casts both Thor and Mjollnir down to Midgard (Earth)


  Having come full circle we see that the unconscious man that Doctor Fosters team found was Thor.


Asgard Shampoo and Conditioner

All this time I thought it was Mjollnir that gave him his power


  What follows is Thor's journey to learn humility and his quest to recover his mighty hammer Mjollnir, while falling in love with the earth woman Jane Foster.


  The writer and director made a lot of good choices in both the direction and tone of this film. The comedy is good without going over the top or ruining the drama of the movie, and I laughed quite a few times at the running gags in the movie.


  The casting was perfect, Chris Hemsworth turns in a fantastic performance as Thor, and Anthony Hopkins as Odin just seemed so natural (a much better performance here, then when we last saw him eating scenery in The Rite).


  They toned down the way the character Thor speaks in this movie versus how he speaks in the comics and this was a good change. I think if they had stuck with his normal dialogue then this movie would have been a roller coaster of eye rolling moments which thankfully it was not .


  Every movie has it's downsides and Thor is no exception, this movie is an obvious attempt to get the average moviegoer more familiar with the character of Thor in preparation for next year's movie The Avengers. Unfortunately this means that the movie felt quite rushed and the transformation of the Arrogant Thor into a man of humility and the entire love arc between Thor and Doctor Foster was way too fast.


Drawing the hammer from the stone


  A lot of people have said that there was not enough action in this movie, come on it's a super hero movie! But I feel that there was a nice balance between the action and the story. It is so nice when the story is not forgotten by the director and writers, I just think it might have been better served showing his transformation over a longer period of time in my opinion.


  One of the odd things about this movie was that the main villain was not the over the top evil villain you would expect him to be. No mustache twirling here, even if it was completely obvious that he was going to be the main villain. Tom Hiddleston's performance as Loki was an interesting take on the character, whose actions are more of those of a son always trying to live up to his father's expectations, but never quite reaching them.


  In a reverse of recent trends this movie is being shown mostly in 3D, with the 2D version only in a select few theaters. This would be fine if the film was made for 3D and the 3D was not just tacked on as an afterthought. The 3D in this movie was barely there and really just screamed out it's gimmick nature. Using 3D like this is not helping 3D's reputation at all and it's only going to hurt movies that use 3D to good effect in the future. See this movie in 2D it is not worth the few extra dollars and the annoying glasses.


  Overall a good movie that I found very enjoyable, I recommend you see this one in the theaters. Let us hope that the Captain America movie due out this summer was done with the same amount of attention to story, but not as rushed.


Final verdict for Thor 8/10




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