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The Tall Man Review(2012)

The Tall Man Review


  This is one of those rare films that use the theatrical trailer as a device to deceive the audience, not in a malicious way, but in the way a stage magician might use misdirection to perform a magic trick.


  I went into my viewing of "The Tall Man" with a certain set of expectations, by the end of the film those expectations were completely blown away.


  The movie centers around the town of Cold Rock, which is suffering years of economic depression and hardship caused by the closing of the local mine a few years ago. It is a sad tale that easily resonates with the realities that we have all faced in recent years.


A town without a mine is a very sad place.

Now a town without a Mime on the other hand is usually unfazed.


  On top of all of this the children of Cold Rock have started to vanish, the locals blame a shadowy creature called, yes you guessed it "The Tall Man". The remaining local children have even built a creepy shrine to the Tall Man out in the woods.


  Is the Tall Man a person, a myth, a monster, or something just conjured up by the hopelessness and imagination of the town?


"A Tall Man" not "The Tall Man" Let's face it though Angus Scrimm, is the man, when it comes to horror.


  This is one of those movies that open with scenes near the end of the film, only to shift back in time after a few scenes, leaving the audience to guess how the events that they have just witnessed will unfold. It is a style of storytelling that I am not overly fond of, unless of course it is done well and adds something to the story, which in this case I believe it does in the end.


  We begin the film with the local police force exiting a mineshaft, a determined and yet distraught look on their faces. Lieutenant Dodd (Stephen McHattie) orders his men to put up a police line "No one goes in or out".


Cold Rock Police Force


  We than shift scenes to a hospital where widowed nurse Julia Denning (Jessica Biel) is being treated for injuries, Lieutenant Dodd comes into the room and informs her that they have not found her son or any of the other missing children. Thus begins the shift in time to 36 hours before the incident and we are handed over to a narrator who fills us in on a little bit of the back story for the town of Cold Rock and the legend of the Tall Man.


Jessica Biel & Sammantha Ferris


  Once the mood and atmosphere is established, Julia's son is kidnapped in the middle of the night, was it by a monster? What exactly is going on in Cold Creek?


  The pacing throughout the movie is a bit slow, and the acting in some scenes can seem a little off on first viewing. This is the type of movie like the "Sixth Sense" or "The Matrix" that upon a second viewing gets better. You realize why everything seemed off the first time through and you catch all the little clues that the filmmakers have sprinkled throughout the story.


  The inspiration for "The Tall Man" legend is based on an internet meme known as the Slender Man, a tall faceless figure that appears to stalk children. Take inspired by with a huge grain of salt.


Slender Man

Slender Man, not who you want to hire for your children's next birthday party!


  If you want to find out more about the Slender Man legend follow this link Slender-Man.   


  Overall an interesting take on the creation of legends and how people shape them, while the overall message at the end of the film was a bit eye rolling. Still even knowing the ending it is worth watching the film more than once.


  Final verdict for The Tall Man 7/10 Not everything is what it seems in Cold Rock, a nice set of twists throughout the movie (that make sense in the end) that kept me guessing a majority of the time, a rare feat these days.


  On a side note, I am still waiting for a Slender Man movie that follows the internet legend very closely, now that would be an interesting film to watch.






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