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The Rite: Movie Review

The Rite: Movie Review


  It always seems to me that Hollywood is on a rotating cycle for the movies that are being released. We seem to be in the demonic/devil phase of movies at the moment.


  Today we are going to take a look at the new movie The Rite.


The Rite not The Right Stuff

What is wrong with you....


  The Rite is a movie inspired by true events, it's even based on the book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by author Matt Baglio. The book follows Father Gary Thomas an American priest who traveled to Rome to learn to be an Exorcist. The movie is about... well anytime you see Hollywood throwing around the words "Inspired by" or "Based on", you know that the film will have very little to do with the original source material.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacare inspired by true events

I rest my case


  Will forget about the book for now and focus on the movie. Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue) grew up in a small town where he works with his father Istvan Kovak at the families funeral home. Feeling trapped into following in his father's footsteps, Michael sees his only chance of escaping is to go to seminary school to become a priest, as he knows his father will never pay for him to go to college.


  After years at seminary school Michael aces all of his final exams except for the one on theology, which he fails on purpose, as he never really intended to become a priest in the first place. After a series of events that would have been worthy of a Final Destination movie, Michael is threatened by his mentor Father Mathew (Toby Jones) with converting all of his student grants into student loans unless of course he is willing to go to Rome to take a class on Exorcism.


  We then follow Michael to Rome were the Exorcism classes our being given in English, even though Michael is the only American student present. Father Xavier (an excellent performance by Ciaran Hinds) not liking the fact that Michael is late to his first day of class and being good friends with Father Mathew, decides to give Michael homework and sends him to see Father Lucas Trevant (Anthony Hopkins), so that he can see a real life exorcist in action.


How many Fathers will Michael Kovak meet before the end of this film?

I haven't seen this many Fathers since I last watched Maury Povich.


  The movie continues on with Michael constantly at war with himself over his lack of faith, and his questioning the validity of Father Trevant's work as he makes Exorcism house calls. This is what makes up a majority of the rest of the movie, until the end when Anthony Hopkins is unleashed in all his glory to chew up all of the scenery.


  One of the strangest facets about exorcism to me as was displayed in the movie was the fact that the exorcist needed to learn the name of the demon possessing a person in order to get rid of the demon. Why would a demon ever give its real name, why announce yourself as Baal one of Satan's Lieutenants and master of 66 legions of hells demons, when you could just tell the exorcist that your name was Fred the demon and that you were in charge of rock gathering or something. The exorcist takes the demons word when it gives out its name and it kind of came across as silly to me to think that the demon would be telling the truth.


Austin Powers asks Mustafa the same question three times

Dam three times! O.k. my name is Baal, I'm one of the Arch Dukes of hell.


  Its a shame but I think that there could have been a more interesting movie to be had here, if the film had centered more on the class itself or even the character of Father Xavier. I was left wanting to see more of what was going on behind the scenes at the Vatican and what training a true Exorcist receives.


  The movie trailer makes The Rite out to be a horror movie, when in fact the deeper message of this movie is about faith. The only horror in this movie comes in the form of predictable and cliche jump scares, so this movie will be a very big disappointment to horror fans looking for a good scare.


  Now back to the book first the whole film is basically about Michaels crisis of faith and the fact that non belief in the Devil will not protect you from the Devil. The character of Michael is based on Father Gary Thomas who has repeatedly said in interviews that he has never had a crisis of faith and in fact he was a priest for many years before he ever went to Rome. At one point Michael becomes friends with a Italian female reporter who is also taking the exorcism class, yet the author of The Rite was an American journalist named Matt Baglio who not only befriended Father Thomas but often had to translate the Italian spoken in the exorcism classes for Father Thomas. Okay enough nit picking from me.


  Trying to play the middle ground between serious drama and horror The Rite fails on both accounts. Neither rising to greatness or falling into comic badness, it's just bland, so I'm giving this movie a straight up average rating.


Final verdict for The Rite 5/10




If I ever need an Exorcism I'm calling this guy.

Exorcism and Banana bread by Cotton


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