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The Conjuring Review (2013)

The Conjuring Movie Review (2013)


  When I heard that the director James Wan, the man behind the camera for the movies Saw and Insidious was making a new horror movie, I was somewhat surprised to find out that he was making a movie "Based on a true story from the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren." Movies based on a true story usually have very little to do with the original source material.


The Conjuring School is in session

I always thought O.P. stood for original poster.


  The movie flips back and forth between paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren on the tour circuit and then over to the Perron family which includes Carolyn (Lili Talyor), Roger (Ron Livingston), and their five daughters Andrea (Shanley Caswell), Nancy (Hayley McFarland), Christine (Joey King), Cindy (Mackenzie Foy), and April (Kyla Deaver). Who have just moved into a new farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island.


The Conjuring new home for the family

What is it with haunted houses being in towns that names end in ville?


  Things are not as they seem and soon the Perron family begins to experience paranormal activity that slowly begins to escalate. In desperate need of help the Perron family turns to the Warrens for help.


The Conjuring a discussion

Roger showing that he is a non-conformist by not clasping his hands like everyone else in the scene.


  The Perron's have moved into the equivalent of a spiritual and demonic Pandora's Box and the lid to that box has been thrown wide open.


  The Warrens bring in a team to investigative in a bid to get the Vatican's support in helping the Perron family.


  Director James Wan knows how to do horror and this period piece set in the early 1970's really invokes that Amityville Horror feel (The Warrens where also one of the first paranormal investigators to investigate the Amityville house).


The Conjuring Look behind you

Someone needs a little moisturizer.


  The movie doesn't use too many cheap tactics to get its scares however it does diverge quite a bit from the reported "true events" that it is supposedly based on.


  In the trailers and movie posters you will see one of the creepiest dolls imaginable and you have to ask yourself "Who would by a doll like that for a child?!" Visit the website for the Warren museum and you find out that the demonic doll that no one should ever touch is a RAGGEDY ANNE doll... far from creepy really.


Annabelle Comparison

This is just another good reason why the only puppet I own is a robot.


  The performances by everyone involved in the film are quite good, which must have been a tall order for director James Wan to fill as he had six child actors, one dog, and several birds to deal with in the movie. Everyone in Hollywood knows that you never work with child actors or animals.


The Conjuring Music Box

Where does he get such wonderful toys?


 If you like movies like the Exorcist or the Amityville Horror, than you will enjoy The Conjuring. The film runs at a nice pace with scenes that will send a shiver down your spine.


  Final verdict for The Conjuring 7/10 An old fashion haunted house story with a demonic possession twist. Nothing you haven't seen before but a few good moments that will delight most horror fans.






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