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Skyline Movie Review


Skyline Movie Review


  Usually we see movies like Skyline crop up around the summertime, but I guess the producers of Skyline thought that it would have less competition if they released it in the middle of November. Hey isn't the next installment of Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows part 1 coming out this month? Ut oh!


  Skyline opens with blue lights descending down from the cloudy sky upon the streets of Los Angeles at four o'clock in the morning. Anyone who looks at the strange blue lights for too long begins to transform and relinquishes their self control. Unless someone turns them away from the light and stops them, they begin to make their way toward the blue lights.


Bluelight Special

Blue light special coming right up.


  After this scene the movie pointlessly decides to flashback to fifteen hours previously so we can indulge in a MTV Cribs episode. Okay not really but it's pretty close. It's Terry's (David Faison) birthday, and he has invited his best friend from childhood Jarrod (Eric Balfour) out to Los Angeles for the big event. Jarrod brings his longtime girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson) along with him and they get to see how someone from the neighborhood who has made it gets to live.

 Padding Presents Movie Top

All the filler and only half the calories because you're going to use the scene again later!


  They spend the day with Terry and his girlfriend Candice (Brittany Daniel) living up the high life by the pool and attending Terry's party later that night. At the party Ray (Neil Hopkins) lets it slip that Terry is going to offer Jarrod a job in Los Angeles which leads his girlfriend Elaine to storm off. What an inconsiderate bastard Jarrod must be, how dare he even think about making more money and bettering both of their lives. May he rot in hell... Oh wait he didn't even know.


  Jarrod goes off to find Elaine and she confesses that she is pregnant, while they are arguing Terry's photographer Denise (Crystal Reed) stumbles out of what I presume is a closet. A few moments later Terry also stumbles out of the same closet. Wait didn't Jarrod and Elaine come in here first right after leaving Terry? How did the pair not only get past them but find the time for an affair that could not have lasted more than a minute? Hmm seems Terry may have a problem.



The first step is admitting you have a problem.


  Candice goes to answer the door only to be confronted by a member of the buildings staff about all the noise complaints that they have received. This is just another pointless scene to introduce the character of Oliver (David Zayas). What the scene really accomplishes is showing that the movies costume department does not know how to iron a uniform as you watch a wrinkled Oliver walk back down the hall after he talks with Candice.


  When the party finally concludes everyone finds a place to sleep for the night only to be rudely awakened by the blue lights dropping down out of the sky at four am. Ah the circle is complete.


Old blue eyes is back

Old Blue Eyes is back!


  We finally arrive at what this movie was supposed to be about from what we saw in the trailers. An alien invasion of earth!


Skyline Alien Invasion

Let the CGI commence!


  Its really hard to go deeper into the movie without ruining it with more spoilers but a majority of the CGI is really good, the one exception is all the blue lights that the aliens use I can see this looking silly twenty years from now. Remember how cool alien ships looked when you were a kid watching a movie? Now look at that same movie again without laughing and you will know what I mean.


e Aliens Vacum

Skyline aliens are able to get out even the most ingrained humans from your carpet.


  The aliens and their vehicles are nice to look at and thankfully do not follow the mold of humans in funny suits. They truly seem both alien and Cthulhu like, once again minus all the stupid blue lights.


Skyline Aliens Tank


  The characters in this movie act in the traditional unbelievable ways and it almost seems like everyone hates our hero Jarrod for no good reason. In one scene a character is using a telescope looking out a window with the curtain open wide enough for anyone to see into the building, including the aliens outside. But its Jarrod that gets freaked out on for turning on the television because the aliens might see that. The performance turned in by David Zayas was especially disappointing compared to the work that I have seen him do in the past on shows like Dexter, were he plays Detective Angel Batista.


  The ending of this movie should have hit the cutting room floor, it's bad and hurts the overall enjoyment of the film. Quite possibly the worse effect I have seen in years is how they portrayed the interior floors of the alien ships. They look like they were made by the hefty thrash bag corporation with a little added junk and mud.


  Skyline is a predictable and just above average Sci Fi film. It's better than the stuff they release on the Syfy channel but it is not great by any means. I think they are partially trying to pay homage to the movies of old in a way, but it's hard to tell if they did it on purpose or by accident.


Final verdict for Skyline 6/10






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