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Paranormal Activity 2


Paranormal Activity 2 Review


  Paranormal Activity 2 is both a sequel and prequel to the events of the first Paranormal Activity movie. With a majority of the film taking place in the sixty days prior to the events of the first film, with the ending focusing on the immediate aftermath of the day following the end of the first Paranormal Activity movie.


Our protagonist for this film is Katie's sister Kristi and her family, however both Katie and Micah from the original film do make return appearances for a few different scenes during the movie.


Katie and Micah Paranormal Activity 1

Yeah were back for a little while anyway...


  As in the first Paranormal Activity the story is revealed from footage recovered from the scene of the events. This time with a twist, as Kristi's family installs a security system to monitor both the inside and outside of their house after an apparent break in where there house gets trashed. The security footage is mixed together with footage from home movies to pull together the entire film.


  The movie begins with Kristi and her husband Dan bringing a new baby boy home from the hospital named Hunter. They make a home movie that day to record the special event and we our introduced to Kristi's step daughter Ali, their house keeper Martine, and their german sheppard Abby. This is followed by the immediate filming of the apparent aftermath of a break in where nothing was stolen except for a bracelet that Katie had previously given to Kristi. The only room left untouched by the chaos of the supposed break in is the baby's room.


  As in the first movie several strange events start to happen to the family. Lights flicker, pots fall off of hooks, doors open and close on their own, and other strange events that the father is quick to explain away. Kristi however is not as fast to write off the strange events happening around them, as she recalls being scarred all the time when her and Katie where children. Their daughter Ali plays more like Micah's role from the first film, in that she thinks it's exciting that the house might be haunted. As the movie progresses the events continue to escalate until the films dramatic conclusion.


Front Door Scene Paranormal Activity 2

Even demons like to play knock, knock, zoom, zoom.


  Like the first Paranormal Activity there is a slowly growing sense of dread and helplessness that leaves the viewer with chills. Unlike most horror movies today the jump scares in Paranormal Activity 2 are genuine, and leave you with the hairs raised on the back of your neck and arms.


  Every character is used to great effect in the film including the great performance turned in by the german sheppard Abby. This dogs reactions were simply amazing to watch and you really came to care for her as much as you did for any of the human characters.


Abby receives an Oscar

I would like to thank the academy...


  Even the house itself is a great character, you really have to pay attention to what's going on in the background to catch everything that is going on. Just because no one is there, does not mean something is not happening in a room.


Crib and Mirror scene Paranormal Activity 2

The mirror does not always reflect the true world.


  A lot of the creepy moments from the first film make a return in the sequel, and one of my few criticisms of the film is there use not only once in the new movie but twice. Such as the famous scene where Katie is dragged off by an invisible entity from the first film, not only is it repeated here but it is repeated in succession a few seconds after Kristi escapes the first dragging attack.


  The story reveals new details this time around on why these particular people are being terrorized by the demon, with a satisfying linkage of why the demon goes on to attack Katie and Micah. It does not match up perfectly with what we learned in the first movie, but its close enough to build upon what we already known while also setting up the possibilites for future sequels (focusing on the past, present or future).


Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer


  If you liked the first Paranormal Activity than the great atmosphere built upon using both visuals and sound, along with the continuing evolution of the mythology in the Paranormal Activity universe will leave you not only satisfied, but at the same time a little creeped out. If you did not like movies like the Blair Witch Project still give this movie a chance as it does not suffer from nearly as much of the nausea inducing shaky cam style that was used in that movie.


  Overall a great movie going experience that you might want to even see twice, just to catch what little details that you may have missed on your first time around.


Final verdict for Paranormal Activity 2, 8/10 (Paranormal Activity 1, 10/10 one of the scariest movies I have ever seen).




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