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Oculus Review (2014)

Oculus Review 2014


  Oculus is a big budget redo of a short horror movie (Oculus Chapter 3: "The Man with the Plan" from 2006) by director Mike Flanagan.


  Oculus uses an interesting technique to tell it's narrative. The movie flows back and forth between two time periods and centers around the tragic events that have befallen upon the Russel family.


  We start the movie with the release of Tim Russel (Brenton Thwaites) from a mental institution that he has been confined to since the death of his parents when he was a young boy.


  Tim has spent years trying to cope with and recover from the death of both his mother and father while his sister Kaylie (Karen Gillan) on the other hand has become obsessed with an old antique mirror that once hung in their father's office.


Kaylie and Tim as adults Oculus


  Kaylie's obsession with the mirror leads us down a rabbit hole of events that make you question the things that you see and remember. How much can you truly trust your own eyes and memories when confronted by tragic events that have left you completely traumatized? What is real and what is imagined?


Terror is a mirror

Terror is a mirror... wait what?


  The acting in the movie is hit and miss with the best performances coming from Karen Gillan (as Kaylie Russel), Rory Cochrane (as Alan Russel) and Annalies Basso (as young Kaylue Russel).


  Garret Ryan's portayl of young Tim Russel was to say the least painful to watch .


Kaylie and Tim Oculus

W.C. Fields once said "Never work with animals or children." Guess this time it was 50/50.


  Oculus really shines when it comes to visuals director Mike Flanagan really hits a home run with the style and choices that he made in the film. Oculus is a great example of how to do horror with out the need to go super gory.


Oculus bad idea for a diet

This is a very bad idea for a diet.


  Oculus does suffer as a story. There are a few huge plot holes that leave you scratching your head sometimes. The debate between what is real and what is imagined was very interesting but in the end due to story choices it feels as if the rug has been ripped out from under you.


  Overall even with the problems inherit in this film it is one of the better horror movies that has come out in recent years. Well worth seeing it in the theater.


  Final verdict for Oculus 7.5/10 A good story despite some cracks in the plot Oculus turns out to be an entertaining ride. If you enjoy Oculus be sure to check out the original short film that the full length feature film is based on (Oculus Chapter 3: The Man with the Plan").






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