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Insidious Movie Review


Insidious Movie Review


  Insidious could be one of the creepiest horror movies to come out in a very long time, the story revolves around the Lambert family who have recently moved into a new home. Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) is a music writer who stays at home to take care of their three young children, while her husband Josh (Patrick Wilson) goes off to work as a teacher at a local school.


  Soon after moving in to a new house, strange things begin to happen, books fall off of the shelves, strange voices can be heard over the baby monitor, ghostly apparitions appear, and missing things find their way to the attic.


Josh and Renai Lambert


  The movie sets itself up with the classic haunted house scenario or so it seems at first. One morning after an accident in the attic the night before, Josh cannot wake up his son Dalton (Ty Simpkins). In a panic they rush Dalton to the hospital but the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with him. Dalton is in a quasi coma state with no sleep wake cycle and after a few months in the hospital, he is brought home and set up on a hospital bed with a feeding tube. This tragedy strains Renai and Josh's family life even more and Josh grows distant making excuses to stay at work late.


  As events in the home continue to escalate, Renai begins to see full body apparitions in the house and bloody claw marks appear on Daltons bed sheets. Renai's terror leads the family to abandon their new home and to lease another.


  After moving into the  new house the Lambert's find no escape from their past troubles, the ghosts and strange events continue to plague them. Renai consults with a priest and the Lambert's at last contact and bring in a ghost hunting team and a psychic at the suggestion of Josh's mother Lorraine (Barbara Hershey). Lorraine is very supportive of Renai while Josh continues to play the role of the skeptic even throwing the ghost hunters out of the house at one point.


Insidious Ghost Hunters

The real ghost busters... oh were in trouble!


  Insidious gets a lot of things right, there is a great atmosphere to the movie and the escalating dread and events in the Lambert house really ramp up very nicely. You grow to care about the characters, which is a nice change of pace from the recent trend in most horror movies were most of the characters are completely unsympathetic and probably deserve what's coming to them.


   Unlike most movies these days, Insidious does not rely on tons of CGI work for its special effects, the director choose to utilize actors in make up for the ghosts a majority of the time, this is also however one of the weaknesses in the movie, as I felt the ghosts seemed too overt and a lot of times you kind of felt like you were at one of those haunted houses that spring up around Halloween near malls. The Lipstick-Face Demon is a great example of this, at times he was a truly frightening character, like when he was in the shadows or when he was sharpening his claws, and at other times he was a character that I rolled my eyes at, like whenever they did a close up of his face. Heck the drawings of him on Dalton's wall or the sketch done by the ghost hunters of him were way creepier then his actual close up shots.


Insidious Maul

So this is what Darth Maul has been up to recently.


  The ghost hunting team was a lot like the ghosts themselves, really hit and miss. I could have done without Specs (Leigh Whannell) and Tucker (Angus Sampson), as their dynamic left me feeling meh most of the time, but Elise (Lin Shaye) the psychic turned in a fantastic performance even if some of the psychic's techniques were a little comical.


Are you my mommy?

Are you my mommy?


  The opening was also hit and miss with the opening credits seeming to drag on and on, but you get rewarded at last with a crazy audio piece and a terrific image of the movies name.


  This movie really pays homage to the horror movies of the 70's and 80's like Poltergeist, The Entity and the Amityville Horror, the writer and director of the movie are obvious fans of the genre and I kept thinking to myself that this movie could easily have been a fantastic reboot of the Poltergeist series of movies if they choose to market it that way.


Movie math with Insidious


  Overall a very good scary movie, but I have a feeling that it will not age well in the future. See this one in the theater while it's still out, I don't think you will get the same experience watching it on DVD Blu-ray when it hits the home market.


Final verdict for Insidious 7/10




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