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Inception (2010) movie review


Inception publicity poster


  How often does a movie truly surprise you these days? How often as an audience do we actually get to use the grey matter inside all of our heads? I still wonder how after watching this film, Director and Writer Christopher Nolan even got this movie green lighted and I mean that in a good way.


  Inception is far from being your typical movie and in no way is this a by the numbers piece. The typical Hollywood formula is cast off in most respects in favor of good characters and good but hard at times to follow storytelling.


  Inception is set in the near future and follows a team of people led by a troubled man named Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who enter into people's dreams to extract information. Without going too far into spoiler territory Cobb and his team are recruited by a man named Saito (Ken Watanabe) for a very different kind of mission then they are used to performing. Instead of extracting information they need to plant an idea inside someone else's head (they use the term inception) and make him believe that the planted idea was his own all along.


  Now we cannot completely throw away all of the rules so Cobb gathers together a crack team of characters and of course his team has to include Saito who insist on coming along. But what makes this movie different is how the characters develop and interact, they are not just here just to be cannon fodder they each have their own jobs to do in the multi layered dream world and they do them very well.


  Inception is full of stunning visuals that hit the mark 99% of the time with only a few slight missteps along the way. I have to give the creative team credit for making the near future world that they have created seem very plausible.


  Christopher Nolan has done it before with movies like Memento and the Batman franchise reboot, and here he is doing it again giving us quality work and great entertainment that makes us think. I can only hope that he continues to deliver to us even more in the future although now that he has made The Matrix of this generation it will surely be hard to top himself.


  Go and see this movie we highly recommend it.


  Final score for Inception 9/10




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