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Green Lantern Movie Review

Green Lantern Movie Review


  Another week, another comic book movie is released. It seems we may be entering another phase of movies with so many comic book adaptations.


  Green Lantern is based on the comic book character of the same name who first appeared in All American Comics #16 in 1940. All American Comics was eventually purchased by DC comics, were the Green Lantern property remains to this day.


  There have been several Green Lantern's over the decades and this movie focuses on the second Green Lantern, test pilot Hal Jordan. As with most comic book adaptations, a lot of the characters history has been ret coned and cleaned up. As I have said before when you're looking at several decades of history and reboots in comic book continuity, things like this are to be expected.


green lantern old vs new


  We begin the movie with a small history lesson, we learn that billions of years ago, a race of immortals harvested the emerald energy of will power and built a base of operations on the planet Oan. These immortals then divided the universe into 3,600 sectors. A ring powered by the energy of will power was sent out to each of these sectors to find recruits who would become protectors of their sectors and part of an elite force of good known as the Green Lantern Corps.


  We also learn that the greatest threat that the Green Lanterns have ever faced, was a creature of fear known as Parallax, who was defeated and imprisoned on the planet Rayut by the mightiest of the Green Lanterns, Abin Sur.


  The film than cuts to three aliens that have crash landed on the planet Rayut, unfortunately for them they accidently release Parallax from his prison and soon Parallax is out seeking revenge against the Green Lanterns Corps.


  The movie fast forwards to six months later aboard a spaceship being piloted by Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison). While conversing with another Green Lantern named Thaal Sinestro (Mark Strong), the ship is attacked by the Parallax entity. Abin Sur is mortally wounded in the attack and uses an escape pod to get away. The escape pod makes its way to the nearest inhabited planet in the sector so that Abin Sur can bestow his power ring on a new protector before he dies.


Abin Sur


  The movie shifts focus again to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) asleep in his bed, he then proceeds to wake up in a panic as he realizes that he is late for work. Hal rushes off leaving some strange woman behind in his bed who will never be mentioned again.


  Hal works for Ferris Aircraft in Coast City as a test pilot and today he is to demo the latest Ferris aircraft against two Air force Sabers in a simulated combat situation. While successful in defeating the Sabers, he pushes the new jet to far and has too eject while having flash backs of his father's (who was also a Ferris test pilot) death.


  Hal is grounded for his actions and leaves to attend his nephew's birthday party, his family is upset as news of his accident which is all over television. The green power ring selects Hal as the next Green Lantern for this sector of space and surrounds him in a green orb of energy, transporting Hal miles away to the dying Abin Sur. Abin bestows his ring and power battery upon Hal and then dies.


  Hal must learn to use the rings powers while training with the Green Lantern Corps. But will he be strong enough in time to defeat the terror that is headed to Earth?


Green Lantern Grasshopper?


  Remember when I said in a recent review "It seems to be a very good year for comic book movies so far"? Hollywood that was not a direct challenge to make a less than stellar comic book adaption.


  This film was like a tale of two cities, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. There were so many hit and miss moments in this film.


  Let us start as it seems we must these days with the 3D. This was another film not shot in 3D, but had 3D added in post processing. Hollywood was slowly killing 3D with using it as a gimmick, I guess slow was not good enough because they are ramping up the bad use of this technology, which in turn is just turning off more and more movie goers to seeing a 3D film.


  The power ring, power battery, and Green Lantern uniforms were outstanding, as was the little joke that they make in the movie about how useless a mask truly is in this day and age.


Green Lantern lap dance


  The CGI in this film had some great moments and yet again it had quite a few terrible moments. If your CGI is breaking my sense of disbelief then you are doing it wrong. Sometimes the aliens looked good in this movie while other times they looked absolutely fake and terrible.


  Ryan Reynolds does a great performance as the Green Lantern, it's his performance as Hal Jordan that seems to be lacking. It's almost as if he is playing Ryan Reynolds instead of Hal Jordan. This is the same problem that occurred in the Dare Devil movie, were you could not separate Ben Affleck from the role of Matt Murdock. I think if they had cast a relatively unknown actor in Hal Jordan's role, it would have greatly helped this movie.


  There are glaring holes in the way this movie was edited together, for one example there is a scene were we see a villain watching the Green Lantern when the villain is captured by someone else. The Green Lantern did not even know of the existence of this villain let alone that he was captured. A few minutes later the Green Lantern bursts through a wall Kool-Aid Man style, to confront the villain. How did he know about the villain? How did he know that the villain was captured and where he was being held? These are not plot holes my friends these are plot canyons.


Plot Canyon when the plot holes are just that big

Plot Canyon, for when your plot holes have become just to big


  Another example of a movie that should be avoided at all cost in the 3D format, save some of your hard earned money and see it in the conventional format, but my better suggestion is wait until it hits cable television or Blu-ray.


Final verdict for Green Lantern 5/10




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