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Devil (2010) Review


Devil (2010) Movie Review


  I usually come out of a movie with a feeling one way or another about what I just saw, but this film just left me with a general feeling of apathy, and that is a real shame because after watching the trailer I was looking forward to seeing Devil.


  The film Devil is the first in M Night Shyamalan's Night Chronicles, a planned series of story ideas that he is producing and attaching his name to while handing over the directorial and screen writing reins to someone else.


  The movie begins with an upside down flyover view of the Philadelphia Skyline and then plummets toward the rooftop of a building, before we are treated to the view of a body falling from a sky scraper onto a delivery truck, which then conveniently rolls away down the street without anyone noticing.


Verizon Vs. Comcast

I like my Philadelphia Skyline right side up thank you very much.


  This leads to an investigation by the Philadelphia Police Department led by Detective Bowden (Chris Messina) and his partner Detective Markowitz (Joshua Peace). They quickly deduce that the body which they believe is a suicide could not have fallen on the truck were they found it because there was no glass on the ground. Because people only jump off of buildings through windows and never off of the top them.


Detective Bowden


  The two detectives eventually track down the broken glass in front of a building and are nearly killed by falling pieces of glass. Meanwhile no one working for the building management thought it was odd that a window was broken from the inside, nope no need for building security to investigate an incident where it is clear something was thrown through a window several stories in the air. Nope nothing to see here folks.


  At this point we shift to five people (Bojana Novakovic, Jenny O'Hara, Bokeem Woodbine, Logan Marshall Green, and Geoffrey Arend) who are about to become trapped in a classic Hitchcockian like story, inside of an express elevator stuck between floors, as one by one the passengers are eliminated. We must determine which of them is the killer or is it something else in the elevator with them.


Devil Movie Image

Love in an elevator, it is not.


  Bowden, Markowitz, and two security guards (Jacob Vargas, and Matt Craven) watch on as the events unfold but they can only communicate one way with the passengers as the elevator is not wired with a mic, to bad none of them thought to give the passengers a phone number to call back on, not that it would have mattered anyway, as cell phones in horror movies get lousy reception.


Can you hear me now Ghostface   Can you hear me now? Good!


  The paranoia of the five continues to escalate as every time the lights go out one of them gets injured or killed, only leading to each of them becoming more and more terrified of their fellow remaining survivors.


  Bowden helplessly watches on as he tries to figure out who each of the five are and why one of them might be killing the others while one of the security guards is convinced that the elevator passengers are trapped with the devil himself. Without sound and only grainy security feed video Bowden has his work cut out for him.


  Overall this movie was a disappointment because of how bland it came across. This story would have worked better as an episode of the Twilight Zone or Tales from the Darkside then as a full length feature film, maybe a television series would be a better output for the Night Chronicles.


Hitchcock + Rod Sterling+ M. Night Shyamalan

The Twilight Chronicles Presents? Hmm Twilight I remember when that word did not conjure up silly diamond covered emo vampires ::sigh::.


  My final thought on Devil, It wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't good either.


Final verdict for Devil 5/10



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