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World War Z movie review

World War Z movie review


  I like horror movies, I also like the sub-genre of zombie horror movies and I am not a zombie horror movie snob who complains about fast moving zombies versus slow moving zombies.


  If however you are a fan of the George Romero style of slow moving zombies and cannot stand the Danny Boyle fast moving rage style of zombies, beware this movies is all about the infected fast moving variety.


  The movie World War Z is loosely based upon the Max Brooks novel of the same name.


  Unlike the novel that takes place ten years after the zombie apocalypse and follows an unnamed United Nations investigator as they travel the world cobbling together a history of how the war began and ended. World War Z the movie takes place as the events of the zombie apocalypse unfold.


It's always sunny in Philadelphia

It's always sunny in Philadelphia.


   The movie follows a former United Nations investigator named Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) who is caught up in the events of the outbreak in Philadelphia with his family.


Cabs in philly

Anyone who has ever tried to catch a cab in Philly will have their suspension of disbelief shattered by this scene.


  The movie switches between many different styles starting with Gerry trying to protect his wife Karin (Mireille Enos) and their two daughters Contance (Sterling Jerins) and Rachel (Abigail Hargrove) in a very typical survival horror story.


  Not long after the outbreak begins the focus shifts as Gerry is recruited by a government official and old friend Thierry Umutoni (Fana Mokoena) to begin investigating the source of the outbreak in hopes of finding and developing a vaccine that can protect the surviving remmants of humanity which leads Gerry and us on a world spanning adventure as he tries to track down patient zero.


King of the hill zombie style

This seems to be the X games version of zombie king of the hill.


  The small bits of comedy incorporated into the movie felt just right in what is supposed to be a taunt nightmare filled world. It could have easily been done wrong causing me to face palm instead of giggling.


  The movie weaves the source material in and out but die-hard fans of the novel may find the movie a bit lacking. Standing on its own merits the movie is a fun little ride that uses a great combination of CGI (computer generated images) and old fashion make up work to great effect.


Get to the choppa

Brings new meaning to "Run get to da choppa!"


  What I liked most about the movie was how it showed just how fast things can get out of hand. World War Z really draws you into its universe of hopeless escalation as the zombies reproduce at a catastrophic rate.


  Sometimes it's the little things that really add to a movie. However this time it was one of the minor details that kept annoying me. If you watch the large computer screens in the background of most of the military headquarters scenes, you might find yourself rolling your eyes quite a bit.


  One of my favorite parts of Max Brooks World War Z novel was the first "Battle of New York." The story of that battle really detailed in an intelligent way just how and why professionally trained soldiers would have a very hard time fighting back a countless horde of zombies.


  I really think the movie missed out on a great storytelling opportunity as well as an action packed scene by not incorporating this particular part of the novel.


Zombie bedtime

I am sure you will sleep well after seeing this movie...


  A lot of other great scenes and stories from the novel are cut in this adaptation which is to be expected unless you want a movie with a running time of fourteen hours.


  I did however get the feeling that a lot of things were left out to set this franchise up as a trilogy. Only time will tell on this point.


  A lot of other critics are being quite hard on this movie but I feel it keeps the overall theme of the novel while telling an entertaining story without slapping the source material in the face (I am looking at you Will Smith's I, Robot).


  Overall not an exact adaptation of the book but more than strong enough to stand up on its own. I enjoyed both the World War Z novel and the World War Z movie and I think each has its own merits and both are very entertaining.


  Final verdict for World War Z 8/10 If you like zombie movies especially the infected sub-genre of zombie movies then this is the film for you. See this one in the theater as I think the big screen really adds to the "flavor" of the movie when you watch the charging zombie hordes.






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