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V/H/S Review (2012)

V/H/S Review


  I like Halloween, I like scary movies, unfortunately most horror movies these days leave me feeling disappointed, but every once in awhile a movie comes along and lives up to the trailer that brought you in to see the thing in the first place, V/H/S is one of those movies.


  V/H/S is the latest addition to the found footage horror movie genre but unlike other movies of this type it does things a little differently and I mean that in a good way.


  The movie opens up a little slowly and you might begin to roll your eyes a bit but hold on past the shenanigans that it starts out with and you will be in store for a real treat.


  V/H/S is a horror movie anthology, the directors (this one had multiple directors) take a bunch of different horror stories that would probably not have stood on their own as full length feature films (without an incredible amount of filler) and combine them all together by book ending them within a story about a bunch of thieves hired to recover a VHS tape from an old mans house.


V/H/S scene

This movie is all about the VHS tapes but now I want to know what is on those reels!


  The tale about the thieves (who you just know need a lesson on how to be better criminals or they are going to end up on WTFIWWY) is in my opinion the weakest part of the film but they are their only to give the better stories a cohesion, overall I found several of the stories and twists throughout V/H/S to be quite enjoyable and surprising.


VHS Skype

What did she expect to see when she agreed to Skype with someone from Omegle?


  Watching this film made me think back to all of the other anthology movies and shows that I have seen over the years like Creepshow, Tales from the Darkside, The Outer Limits, Tales from the Crypt, and The Twilight Zone. I had not realized just how much I missed this particular style of story telling.


  Each story revealed in the anthology is different from the rest, some you will figure out way ahead of time, while others will completely catch you off guard.


  Because each story was directed and written by a different person the flow of the movie can be off at times and there where a few transition scenes that just went to black for entirely too long. What was meant to build tension with the pitch blackness had a reverse effect at times.



I stubbed my toe!


  The special effects throughout the film where surprisingly good considering the limited nature of the budget involved in making V/H/S, it just goes to show that you do not need to spend 100+ million dollars to make an entertaining movie.


Mask VHS Demotivational

Yet still creeping me out.


  Normally I would go into greater detail about the movie itself, but due to the nature of anthologies (and short length of each individual story within), it would be inevitable that too many spoilers would pop up in the review. So I wanted leave you with my impression of the film as a whole.


  Overall a very entertaining film that was a real treat to see, it left me in the end with a real creepy feeling which is not easy to do. I hope that V/H/S finds great success as it would be nice to see anthology movies make a comeback.


  Final verdict for V/H/S 7.5/10 An interesting concept and a great call back to movies and shows of a different era, while at the same time helping to reinvent the found footage concept in a unique new way. Make sure to go see this one.






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