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Gravity Review (2013)

Gravity movie review 2013



  Space the final frontier... no these are not the voyages of the starship Enterprise. No this is a tale set in the not too distant future.


  Gravity is a rare gem that we do not get to see very often in this day and age. An original hard science fiction story.


  The movie is about a future N.A.S.A. space mission by the crew of the fictional space shuttle Explorer, led by veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) who is on his final mission.


  The mission of STS 157 is to install a piece of medical tech that was developed by Doctor Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) which will upgrade the aging Hubble space telescope.


  The premise at first does not scream out excitement I know and the movie does start off a little slow but the situation for the astronauts of the Explorer quickly deteriorates after a horrific chain of events that is caused by the destruction of a Russian spy satellite.


Fixing the Hubble space telescope ur doing it rung

::Houston:: ::We're going to need a lot of super glue copy::


  The environmental message that Gravity presents is a very real concern to many space agencies and scientist around the world. The amount of space junk that we have been accumulating that is whizzing around in earth orbit continues to become a mounting problem.


I am in space


  The depiction of space and movement in space in the film is for the most part spot on with just a few minor errors here and there.


  You will still find a few moments of eye rolling fun but nothing severe enough to ruin the movie for most people or for that fact nothing that is going to set real science back twenty years...


Splice setting science back 20 years

I am looking at you Splice!  


  Director Alfonso Cuaron is masterful in both his writing and direction on Gravity. I have not seen a vision of space this well done since Stanley Kurbic's 2001: A Space Odyssey.


  The only thing that kind of took me aback with his direction was the heavy handed use of symbolism in one particular scene with Bullock's character and an obvious fake out scene later on in the film.


  This is about as close as you can get depicting events happening in space, a few flaws here and there do not keep this from being an entertaining and fantastic movie.


  Gravity has a message but that message is not used as a bludgeon and showcases a very real problem that we may face in future years.


  Final verdict for Gravity 9.5/10 Take some motion sickness medicine and see this one on the big screen as the small screen will not do this one justice.






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