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Surely I will receive no hate mail on this one... Review of Guild Wars 2

GW 2 Review title card fp


Oh look an old tape I wonder what is on it V/H/S Review

VHS Review


Well look who has been elected mayor, time to review SimCity Social (2012)

Sim City Social Review (2012)


Well this tall fellow over here looks friendly enough, It's our review of The Tall Man (2012)

The Tall Man Review


What does fall hold for us? Fall Primetime Television Lineup 2012

Fall Primetime Lineup 2012


Can you keep a secret? The Secret World Review

The Secret World TSW Review


Seemed to miss this little story when I read Lincoln's Biography... Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter


In space no one can hear you review Prometheus

Prometheus review


Had one hell of a time reviewing this one... Diablo 3 review

Diablo 3 review


Time to step into the light let us review Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows movie review



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