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A long time ago in a state far away...


  Knights Of The Dinner Table™ is a comic with an extremely long history, it began twenty years ago as a one off piece of filler in the back of Shadis Magazine issue #2 which was being edited at that time by the comics creator Jolly Blackburn.


  The strip continued on and off again in Shadis Magazine until issue #21, and was then moved to a new publication known as Dragon Magazine which ran it from issue #226 through to issue #269.


  In 1996 Jolly Blackburn began publishing KoDT (Knights Of The Dinner Table™) as a monthly comic book/gaming magazine that would, starting with the reprint of issue #4, be taken over by Kenzer & Company with Jolly still at the helm of his beloved strip.


One comic to rule them all...


  In an age when other publications saw extinction due to the cost of printing and the transformation of the industry by that colossus known as the internet, KoDT continued to not only survive but also to thrive. To this day twenty years after the first appearance of the strip it continues to be published and followed by thousands of fans across the world.


  What makes KoDT such a cult hit is that most readers can see themselves, their friends, or people that they know in the exaggerated caricatures that the knights represent.


Evil Gazebo


Get on with it...


Knights of the Dinner Table around the game table


  The main comic revolves around a central cast of five main characters that play the role-playing game Hackmaster, they are B.A. Felton the game master and his table of players Bob Herzog, Dave Bozwell, his cousin Sara Felton, and the rules lawyer extraordinaire Brian Vanhoose. By no means is this a list of all the characters in the KoDT universe as they have a HUGE supporting cast who are fully developed and receive plenty of panel time themselves both with the knights and on their own.


  The story arcs are classic and many of them are based on actual events that have happened at the gaming table and in the gaming industry.


  The gaming magazine portion of KoDT is pretty strong with only a couple of weak points that are easily ignored. The articles run the gamut from new things that you can incorporate into your campaign to reviews of tabletop games, comics, computer games and more.


  Overall The Knights Of The Dinner Table™ is a solid product that we highly recommend. Don't feel daunted that there is twenty years of history behind you as it is very easy to jump right into the comic. If you do want to start at the beginning the older out of print issues of KoDT can be found rebundled together into three issue packs called Bundle of Troubles.


Final Verdict for Knights Of The Dinner Table 9/10





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