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Some links to the funniest and most insightful people on the internet.


CGP Grey

A fountain of knowledge.


SF Debris

Charles Sonneburg should be writing for Star Trek but alas he is just a reviewer with an opinion.



Home to the AVGN.


Atop the Fourth Wall

Home of Lewis Lovhaug the beloved comic book reviewer also known as Linkara.


The Angry Joe Show

Joe Vargas leader of the Angry Joe Army.



Phelous Who? Watch and find out.


The Cinemasnob

Brad Jones the man with the iron stomach, and reviewer of Z grade movies.


Neon Harbor Entertainment

Ed Glaser will give you a serious case of Deja View


Red Button

Here at Robot Eye Studios we come across the most curious things.






Robot Eye Theater School Bus


Isaac Asimov Foundation and Robots Throne


      Robot Eye Theater

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Welcome to Robot Eye Theater, your source for critical reviews and comedic parodies of movies, television,video games, tabletop games, music, books, and more!


What does the curious red button have for you? Only one way to find out, press the Red Button!

Red Button


Time to craft a Trove review (2015)

Trove review


Welcome to the 5 year anniversary of Robot Eye Theater!

5 year anniversary of robot eye theater


The 4th annual Robot Eye Theater Awards

4th Annual Robot Eye Theater Awards: Presented by Robot Eye Studios



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